Wired interview with Proton's CEO Andy Yen


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It’s comical to see Purism fans question another company because of slow development.

Which fans?

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There are plenty of Purism’s “fans” that are critical of Purism’s slow development, communication, business practices, etc. It is possible to be a fan of some aspects yet critical of others.

I’m all for pointing out actual hypocrisy when it exists, but your statement looks to be … overbroad.

I actually think Purism’s pace of development is not slow, considering all the software they’ve produced or modified, including a custom desktop distro and adaptive software for the L5. One could say there ought to be more adaptive apps by now, but that shouldn’t fall squarely on Purism’s shoulders, in my opinion.

And anyway, Purism is not the subject of this thread. :wink:

As for Proton, I think they have their hands full with their growing suite of services, so I won’t criticize them for their Android app (which works well enough on my phone, by the way).