Wireguard, Algo VPN and Librem 5 qemu

In case someone might be interested in using algo vpn on the Librem 5, I just built the wireguard package which is the preferred vpn client for algo.

In order to get wireguard working, I had to install resolvconf but otherwise it was simply a matter of following the instructions.

@Kyle_Rankin It would be great if wireguard could be a part of the standard Librem 5 packages. Thanks!


Wireguard will be available in the Byzantium release of PureOS, because that one is based on Debian Bullseye Buster with the package in place.



Is there a public timeline for when this is expected to happen? No, is a reasonable answer. I am just trying to get myself prepared for the eventual reception of the Librem 5.

I’d give a lot to know that, given that I’m fighting that problem :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I thought I was replying to the other thread. More info below.

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Won’t this be the same time frame as debian bullseye release? Has this been different in the past for PureOS?

I meant to write Buster - both have been out for a while. We do not migrate between Debian releases automatically, so it takes time.

Nevertheless, we’ve been preparing for this for a while, and it should happen within a couple months I think. See this issue: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/OS-issues/-/issues/169

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FWIW the Librem 5 kernel has Wireguard support enabled, so indeed it should be just a matter of user-space tooling.

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How would one do that?

The wireguard-tools package you compiled are the userspace tooling which dos mentioned. They can only work with corresponding kernel support. :wink:

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Thanks. Unfortunately, the only experience that I have with kernels is making popcorn :thinking:

Yeah but no problem here, dos just wanted to say the Librem 5 kernel already HAS wireguard support built-in!