Wireguard & network-manager-wireguard under PureOS

How can I safely install those two packages, without getting into trouble with uninstalling and dependency problems afterwards if the gnome-networkmanager gets updated in the future with built-in wireguard support?

I’m trying to compile and install this github project (which doesn’t work until now, because of unmet dependencies) and the deb-package from the wireguard-project via the unstable repository in debian.

Well NM already supports in natively…
So it will probably land in Debian 10 or any upcoming os update of PureOS.

I found the command line of wg more flexible and easy to use.

I know that already, that’s pretty much the reason why I’m asking this question :slight_smile: (installing without having problems in the future with the coming compatibility) thank you nonetheless.

It would be great if PureOS could include the wireguard packages in their distro

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It is definitely on the list, lot’s of resources are focused on other areas, but Wireguard is high on the list.

Any updates on this? Wireguard is still not available in the PureOS repos, but is there a way to go about it using the network manager?

You should update your repos (in /etc/apt/repos.d) from amber to byzantium.
After that it’s available :slight_smile: