Wireless AKA Qi Charging possible?

@nicole.faerber Greetings…
Okay… So to ask for Qi (wireless charging) may be unrealistic at this point… But it is so nice to have. My samsung s5 had an aftermarket back to attach that enabled Qi Charging.

A beautiful way to preserve the integrity of the charging/data port. And mega comvenient.

Not sure if there are security flaws that Qi Charging creates.

But is nearly Christmas, and I’d definitely ASK Santa for Qi Charging on my Librem.


You can get aftermarket adapters that plug in to the USB port. It’s obviously no good if you want a wireless charging option so that you can use a USB keyboard and mouse while you work, but it works perfectly fine to save mechanical wear on the port (along with rendering you immune to malicious “charging” ports or a USB Killer device).

One such example is https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076D6FHWG

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That’s a great link the the Qi aftermarket charging adapters… Thanks. Things have come a long way since I last shopped Qi Charging 3 years ago. That looks like it should hopefully work.

I would love that feature, too. The aftermarket chargers will technically work. But either you can try to squeeze the actual coil plate into the device which will probably hinder the back cover from completely closing.

Or you can stick in on the back side of the device. But without a bumper sealing everything I guess that would be uncomfortable every now and then.

In addition blocking the port may sometimes be a problem. Leaving it plugged in all the time might on the other hand reduce the lifetime of the usb port due to the frequent movements from your environment.

Personally I think a coil integrated into the stock phone would be the only nice solution. When I reached out to Purism via Email I was told features like that weren’t a priority. However I do not consider wireless charging to be a fancy lifestyle feature, but simply as a very practical feature. I have chargers at home, at work and even my car has one that additionally provides radio enhancements through the car’s antenna.
And you get an enhanced lifetime of your cable charging port on top. USB C may have an increased number of pluggings I still have doubts about that.

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I’m also keen to know if this is on the roadmap for the Librem 5…

Well at least we can change out our USB ports when they wear out (I assume ) so it isn’t a deal breaker. Am excited for first version of the phone regardless!

This would be nice for the Librem 5A2 (Mark 2 if you’re a brit) but i can live whitout it for now

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