Wireless Charging Receiver Module

I do not think that the new hardware breakout can help with this, but I was wondering, is there a connection point inside of the phone for hacking on something like this?


It only pumps out 500 mA so that probably won’t keep up unless you make it sleep while powered? Also I would be concerned about heat as well…but maybe @dos could elaborate on this?

500mA is like the nexdock360 if I remember correctly. If the phone is not being used, screen off, but not suspended it might charge very, very slowly.

Another use case than charging might be:

  • disable charging
  • power the phone when near your desk buy just laying it on its place

I’d like that.

Yeah that’s true…and at least this way you’d spare constantly violating your USBC port every time you charge which should extend it’s life.


I usually bring a battery bank when I am traveling for a while, but when I am not, for most of the time, my phone is sitting on a desk or nightstand. So if the battery life has still not improved, this should make it a non issue for me.

I use this for extending the life of the port:

With thinner phones, you have to worry about it reducing the life of the port if it falls on this adapter that sticks out either above the screen or not letting the phone lay flat. For the Librem 5, there is plenty of space above and below it. It might still be an issue if the phone fell straight down onto the adapter. But it would be even better if I did not have to attach anything to this port unless I wanted to hook it up to a dock.
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You have to be careful with those magnetic adapters, they tend to collect magnetic particles and they can actually short out, I’ve experienced that myself with one of these and why I don’t use them anymore.


That is good to know. For now, I am keeping them clean because I do not use it often, but that will not always the case. I guess they should make these wider to improve the separation between the pins, or maybe put more distance between the magnets and the pins. I will visually inspect these every now and then. I suspect they may be fine because they are bigger than I would have wanted, but now that I know that issue, that could be the reason for their size.

Issue is the magnets they use are usually rare earth and pretty strong so it’s quite difficult to get them completely clean.

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