Wish list for laptop spec

First, I would like to thank producing laptop which is purely for ‘free as in freedom’! I really love the idea and that is what I’ve long been looking for.

And I have a wishlist after checking the product spec. (A while ago I seem to read a similar thread but can’t find it now, so start a new one. Also I understand this might not be in production lines or even considered in near future, but anyway here it goes)


My background is a software engineer, not much demand on multimedia. So my requirement basically is for long hour programming and test with large amount of data plus multiple e.g. VMs. The spec I am looking for:

CPU: the newest one e.g. i7 at this moment
RAM: at least or max 32GB (with the newest type like DDR4)
Screen: 14 ~ 15 w/ Matte (touch screen is not needed)
Weight: 1.3 ~ 1.5 kgs w/t GPU graphics or 1.7 ~ 2.0 kgs w/ GPU graphics
Keyboard: 7 rows (like classic IBM Thinkpad)
Warranty: 3 years business warranty
Graphic: non GPU one such as Intel is ok, but hopefully that can support eGPU (this is an option)

Thank you again for providing alternative laptop choice!

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I second 32 GB RAM. I asked about it a few weeks ago (they used to offer it), and the response was that they didn’t have enough interest to warrant the extra cost of the second RAM slot.

I certainly don’t blame them, since they are a business after all. But i hope we can get more people interested in 32 GB so that option can re-emerge!

I think that’s all that’s keeping me from getting a Librem 15 at this point.


Maybe a pinned thread allowing users who is interested in such configuration to express there might help; otherwise each request like this would eventually disappear as the threads here are sorted by the newest day.

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Here is what I want in a laptop

CPU: over 3 Ghz at least 4 cores
RAM: at least 32GB (with the newest type like DDR4)
Screen: 15 -18" the bigger the better no touchscreens.
Keyboard: with at least all keys in the harmonized 48 key arrangment: keyboard with the key > left of the Z not in the top row. Yes like in europeen keyboard layouts. It is a pain to use EU layouts on us-keyboards because of missing keys on laptops!!!
Warranty: 3 years business warranty
Graphic: some high performance GPU for my multimedia projects
Storage: NVMe M.2 high speed SSD
Ethernet connector for 10-gigabit connections or more if needed in the futur.
And most important no binary blobs!!! maybe with freed shematics ^^.


CPU: 4 cores
RAM: 32GB supported
Keyboard: European layouts supported
Power: via USB-C