Working script that suspends heavy processes when screen off but looking for event to suspend processes when locked or call in progress

Here is a script I wrote to suspend some heavy processes like firefox-esr when screen is off to reduce power usage and excess heat. Doing a good job at keeping phone cool in pocket (along with 2min30sec suspend timeout) but would be a lot better if I could have it react to the screen being locked and a call in progress. Any ideas on how to monitor for these events?


# Variable to store the previous screen status

# Function to check screen status
check_screen_status() {
    # Retrieve current screen status
    screen_status=$(wlr-randr | grep -o "Enabled: yes")
    # Compare current status with previous status
    if [ "$screen_status" != "$prev_status" ]; then
        if [ -n "$screen_status" ]; then
            echo "Screen is ON"
            #kill -CONT `pgrep -o Nheko` &
            kill -CONT `pgrep -o firefox-esr` &
            kill -CONT `pgrep -o armcord` &
            #kill -CONT `pgrep -o gnome-software` &
            kill -CONT `pgrep -o telegram` &
            kill -CONT `pgrep -o moonlight ` &
            echo "Screen is OFF"
            #kill -STOP `pgrep -o Nheko`
            kill -STOP `pgrep -o firefox-esr`
            #kill -STOP `pgrep -o armcord`
            #kill -STOP `pgrep -o telegram`
            kill -STOP `pgrep -o gnome-software`
            kill -STOP `pgrep -o moonlight`
            # Run your command here when the screen turns off
            # Example: notify-send "Screen turned off"
        # Update previous status

# Main loop to continuously check screen status
while true; do
    sleep 1  # Adjust sleep interval as needed


Mind if I mod this script for my current setup?

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Go for it! Posted it to share and maybe work together to improve it.


Thought of suspending Geary and some other programs so that they open in background when the screen becomes active.

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You could use journalctl -u ModemManager -n 1 | grep -c 'accepted\|ringing-out') if Iā€™m not mistaken.

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