World Ethical Data Forum, 26-28 October 2022

World Ethical Data Forum, 26-28 October 2022: An open invitation

World Ethical Data Forum returns in October 26 - 28, 2022 to discuss and debate the full scope of interrelated issues around the entire digital ecosystem.
WEDF 2022 has been made possible through the support of Ford Foundation, Shutterstock, Access Now, SWARM, PEN America, Mozilla, Proton, Fairphone, AV.AI, Matrix, Element, and Tor Project among many others.

I just heard about this event now, could it be something interesting?


Nah. They’re promoting ethics. For something interesting it has to be UN=ethical!

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This is not an appropriate forum for a philosophical discussion, but how does one determine what is “unethical” without establishing what is “ethical?”

Even if one asserts a system of (normative) ethics, one must still address the questions asked by meta-ethics. People smarter than I have been writing about and discussing this for centuries.

I read your post as being “tongue-in-cheek,” and I do not know the details of what was discussed at this conference. Nevertheless, I would be delighted if companies started talking about right and wrong–and the long term–rather than only fixating on the next quarter’s earnings.

Remember I’m all about humor, your call about tongue-in-cheek was correct on the first try.