Worst laptop ever

Had 2 mins of this piece of shit before I smashed it after doing about 30 reboots and telling me I had put in wrong key. 12345678 yea done that 90 fucking times after rebooting 30. Lucky I did not tell followers and mates to get this piece of shit. TAILS WORKS WAY BETTER and FREE.

You know you can factory reset the Librem key to change the pin right? But it seems like smashing a $1500+ device is a much more sensible solution.


instead of smashing “fucking thing” better Read The Fucking Manual.


“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” does not works very well with any technology
Would you try 90 times to turn on your TV with a remote control before smashing it and calling it “piece of shit”, instead of checking the state of the battery after 2-3 times ?
Feels to me more like a PEBCAK problem here


As I’m just now fighting with a picky windows laptop, I can only answer with a clear “yes” to that :smile:

I won’t pile on here, but I’m curious which laptop you’re talking about, and would that even have anything to do with the problem, or is it just a problem you had with the Librem Key?

Edit: Welcome to the community! Sorry you smashed your laptop!

‘Worst user ever’

I fixed it for you.

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We let someone vent, and vented in response, but why I let this post through was that hopefully someone can help this person figure out what the problem was. Let’s wait a bit and let them answer without further pileup.


Lets welcome Madbull in our community!

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Let’s welcome *@MBull to our community! (Not “Madbull.”) :wink:

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@Mbull it is possible that you did not update checksums after system update, as described in our documentation: https://docs.puri.sm/PureBoot/GettingStarted.html#first-reboot

You can see how does that process looks like: https://puri.sm/posts/pureboot-bundle/

The simplest solution is likely to do an OEM factory reset of Pureboot, that you can see how to do here:



I found this thread to be rather enlightening. Instead of asking for help or reading the manual, you smashed a delicate piece of expensive electronics because you were angry. Then you blame the company. Purism isn’t your problem mate. YOU are.

I recently purchased a mini. In the mail I received two USB keys, a black box and a power cord. No instructions. SO I assumed this was plug and play like the Apple desk top. Not so! This is a tricky operating system and you must read the documentation over and over again. Personally, I think if you had read the posts, the documentation 90 times you would have been in a better position to fix your problem instead of behaving like a child and damaging the hardware, which I doubt you did…

Do you mind sharing what you found surprising?

Look, I’m a moron. First, the instructions are online. Second, it does not take 90 reads to understand the basics. Purism even has videos on YT going through some of their processes. It was easy for me because I had the proper attitude when receiving this new technology. I had to learn it before expecting what its behavior was. That said, I spent a couple hours reading and installing and updating, and reading again how to get things right. I had some issues but nothing out of the normal. Just like the OP, I had issues with PIN after updating OS files… But that is where you need patience. Patience and no expectations that something is supposed to go a certain way. There is nothing wrong with the instructions or the products Purism produces. There is something wrong however with operators and how they expect instant gratification, for everything to go their way without any effort to understand the process.

Everyone should assume, this will take some time, you will experience issues, bugs, and you will have to research and learn these systems personally, or you can ship the computer back and forth everytime you need to resign your keys.

The problem is usually human, not the tech we produce.

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