Would Love a Tablet Live USB Boot into Purism or Other Live OS

I remember years ago we saw this topic raised. Curious why years after this still hasn’t eventuated.

Would anyone else want to see an encrypted, hardware kill switches, USB live bootable Tablet with multiple USB inputs?

The pure secure tablet.

If they’re smart enough to get the Librem 5 a phone running why not a tablet?

I can only hope!

See this from @nicole.faerber: Is it in plan to have tablets as well

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Exactly :slight_smile: And right now I have nothing more to add to what I wrote there before. Priority right now is to maintain stable supplies for our current products, which is actually pretty hard right now given the hardware supply chain ‘hick ups’ (actually it’s much worse than a hick up :frowning: But yes, these smaller than laptop but larger than phone devices are high on our wishlist :slight_smile:



Hi Nicole,

Thank you for the update of intentions. Although I’m happy to hear there is and has been thought of it down the line, it brings little comfort contemplating how long it would be to purchase and get it in our hands. Given the exorbitant time taken for products that have already been in production to receive.

It would be on the wish list of many and a growing number of privacy advocates as companies like Apple start to dilute or dissolve the encryption centric stance and selling points of times of past.

Thank you once again for the update……

I can not confirm anything yet, but I can say that we have put this on our roadmap and are working towards it.

But I need to point out to be careful with any expectations. The idea is, to reduce development effort, to reuse most of the Librem5 phone electronics design for such a product. This reduces design and verification effort for the electronics and also reduces the software development effort. So this means we need to use the iMX8M Quad main CPU again.

Looking at the current chip market the iMX8M Quad is gone, there are none available anymore anywhere, even expensive parts brokers have already run dry. We got in touch with NXP and others and confirmed a current lead of about 50 weeks!

That’s the really bad situation we and a lot of other electronics makers are in right now, lead times of 50 or more weeks. Just to put this in perspective, a year has 52 weeks, so we are talking about about a year of wait time! And this is just the beginning of the queue, depending on how large your order is and when you place it you might end up even further down the line, i.e. even later than a year.

So even if we wanted, it is pretty unlikely that we can bring such a device to market before September 2022, we have to prioritize the device we already have at hand, i.e. the Librem5 phone, I am sorry. If you want to get an idea about the situation, Octoparts gives a good overview, here is a link to the iMX8M supply situation:

Today a source with allegedly 10,000+ popped up but that looks a bit fishy. Often these actually do not have the exact part and try to sell you something else or similar stuff. We are looking everywhere and it has become a lot of effort just to manage the sourcing of parts.

Right now the whole industry expects the chip crisis to last into early 2023. We will soon, I think, also see shortages of consumer electronics in general once the warehouses (of parts and products) are empty. Prices are also rising pretty dramatically now. For example the accel/gyro/magnetometer we use in the phone used to cost about $3 to $4. Now its list price is over $20! And of course at parts brokers you are now paying over $30 for it, even in quantities. Lead time from manufacturer 58 weeks. To compare, we used to pay about $30 for the iMX8 CPU in quantities - and here we are now talking just about a tiny accel/gyro/magnetometer. This is totally crazy!

The next year 2022 will be very very tough, not only for us.