WPA3 support on Librem 5 E/PureOS 10

Hello, using PureOS 10 on the Librem 5 Evergreen, I see that WPA3 is not supported. Is that a limitation of the Evergreen hardware, or a lack of support in PureOS?

Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 is the latest-released security protocol, from the Wi-Fi alliance. Although many devices aren’t using it yet, many are starting to do so.

Is there anything I can do to add/enable it, or is this outside of my control?

Thank you!

Does Librem 5 supports WPA3? - #14 by Hristo

Very strange that the process they described worked, when the auto-detect in the “friendly” interface doesn’t, but in any case, I was unable to replicate that result. I created an entry for it, setting it as WPA3. But when I try connecting to the network, it just spins for a bit, and then gives up.

There is an open issue in the Librem 5 linux project: Sparklan card does not support SAE (WPA3, OWE) (#478) · Issues · Librem5 / linux · GitLab, though the details are sparse.


Do you have the SparkLAN card or the Redpine card?

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Well that stinks. Yes, I have a SparkLAN card. So there’s nothing to be done at this point, I guess.

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