WPS (can't connect with it)

I find convenient WPS in Android and Ubuntu, but i cannot find it in PureOS. Is there some privacy issues against WPS?

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And what is WPS?

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While I can’t speak to PureOS support as I have not used it and am not a member of the Purism team, I can answer your second question. WPS does introduce security issues in your environment. Several security issues have been found with it and I would expect more to be found as it is not as thoroughly reviewed as WPA2 is. Im aware that there are consumer devices that are configured for WPS, but Im curious as to why would you need your laptop to use it? Its intended non-technical users who dont want to remember passphrases.

For some background on the security issues, see here:

As for support, PureOS is based on Debian, so I would look into how to set it up on Debian. I don’t know about GUI tools as Ive never used WPS, but https://wiki.debian.org/WiFi/HowToUse has some information on connecting using wpa_cli.

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I often go to houses of people who have the 32 digit default passphrase of their provider and they copy it on a paper to give it to me. For my android i just push the WPS button of their routers and i find it convenient.

As far as i understand the vulnerability is on these people’s router, and not on the laptops that can scan and connect to a WPS-enabled router.

The potential of getting attacked through a WPS-enabled router is independent of if I have myself used WPS to connect.

Therefore i still don’t see why there’s no WPS connect in the Wi-Fi menu of PureOS.

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