Wrong kernel numbers in latest Librem 5 Software Updates post?

On this page:

it says:

You can see, that the power draw goes down as the kernel version rises. From version 5.1 to 5.12, we see about a 10% improvement in heat, 30% in battery draw, and a 90% in load average.

The above sounds as if Linux kernel versions up to 5.12 were tested. But that can’t be right since the Linux kernel versions so far only go to 5.6 (https://www.kernel.org/).

What’s going on? Perhaps what is meant is not “kernel version” but some other kind of version number going from 1 to 12? And the 5 is just 5 as in Librem5, not “version 5.1 to 5.12” but rather “Librem 5, software-version 1” to Librem 5, software-version 12"?

I guess the blog post uses the internal naming scheme of the librem5 kernel releases. For example the latest version of the kernel image is named 5.3.0+librem5.12. So librem5.12 is a kernel version, its just not the upstream kernel version. librem5.12 is the upstream 5.3 kernel with librem5 patches version 12.

Maybe the blog post is a bit unclear but I wouldn’t say its wrong.


The numbers I’m liking are the percentage improvements, regardless of the kernel version numbering. :smile:

Thanks, that explains it!