Wrong power adaptor

I’m in the UK and I’ve been sent the wrong power cable - no idea what the one I’ve been sent is. Any idea if I need a specific Librem connector and where I can get one for the UK? The purism team have been unresponsive. Thanks

I presume you contacted support@puri.sm . Have you checked your spam folder for replies? What email provider are you using? Some are really antisocial with false positives.

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I got one message asking me if I was sure it was the wrong plug, then nothing.

Might be worth it to post a picture here.

might help if you stated what device you have. For the laptops and Mini, the plug is just a standard cloverleaf on the PSU end, which can be swapped for a power plug/cable for any region in the world

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“Type C5” connector cable with UK Plug (Type G) you can get almost everywhere.

Thanks for all your replies - I did order a cloverleaf adaptor and hey, it works. Merry Christmas

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