Wrong version of Librem 13 order received (v3 instead of v4)

Dear Purism @admins,

After I’ve been waiting (longer than expected) for my Librem 13 Version 4 shipment, I felt very disappointed after it finally receiving it today.

I opened this magnificent piece of art product, finished setting up my account on it, then checked the bottom of the device where I noticed it stating “Librem 13 Version 3” and not Version 4 which was what I originally ordered.
I made sure to pay for an extended warranty (since I wanted my investment in the latest Librem 13 version/model to last.)

What can be done about this?

I would love to wait and receive another shipment with the correct version yet I needed this device to finish numerous time sensitive work for my university and I cannot delay that or wait for another shipment any longer. I was already frustrated enough prior to receiving my order for having to deal with ops@puri.sm regarding the wrong shipping status in My Account (which still persists) as well as being confused by incorrect shipment tracking emails.

TL;DR: I’d rather to get a refund/compensation for the difference in cost and keep this version if that was possible.

I admit that as much as this inconvenience is tempting me to return this Librem 13 and cancel my Librem 5 pre-order, my respect for Purism’s philosophy and their noble mission doesn’t allow me to do so. Thus, after my problem gets resolved, I’ll prepare another post with some feedback & suggestions which I believe to be crucial for Purism’s long-term success.

I apologize if this post seemed like another rant about receiving the wrong order. I assure you that I’m merely posting about this issue for the benefit of the Purism community as a whole in addition to having my personal issue resolved of course.



Email support@puri.sm if you haven’t already. You’ll get a faster response than posting here

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I ordered an L13 in November 2018, was told it would ship 1/2019. I got it in December and it was an L13 marked v2 on the bottom and in dmidecode (whereas v3 was shipping earlier in 2018).
C’est le vie.
I’m still very happy with it.

@f423 This is just perhaps wrong label applied to the bottom case. Check the cpu with cat /proc/cpuinfo and post back here, please.

@mladen I had that in mind and I used lscpu , but I couldn’t tell if there were other differences in the hardware to confirm.

Here’s the model name output of /proc/cpuinfo : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz
I did check everything else and it all looks correct as well.

To be honest, I suspected that it was as simple as a wrong label but I just couldn’t confirm earlier because I noticed how the L13v4 chassis on the website had physical kill switches below the screen rather than on the side (which is what mine had).

Anyways, thanks for the prompt reply and the reality-check!

Yes, your device is v4. Our supplier screw up the label. Sorry for the confusion.

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