WTH?! Ads on your smartphone's lock screen?

Naveen Tewari, founder and CEO of InMobi, gave a rather dystopian description of his company’s strategy to Forbes India, saying, “Consumers will move from seeking content to consuming what is shown to them.”

Glance also promises it can serve up a ton of personal data to advertisers for targeting and tracking.

I hope they’re talking about carrier-branded devices only, but even so…

Me: Not “no,” but “HELL NO!”


This is Microsoft’s fault, they kicked this snowball down the mountain when they started putting ads in the start menu.


Yes! Is there anyway to disable that? It drives me nuts.

I haven’t used legitimate windows in years, I couldn’t say.


Solution :heavy_check_mark:



Isn’t this the logical endpoint of “If you are not paying for the product then you are the product”?

With the end users as utterly mindless drones, controlled completely by their phones, you could just about give the phone away for “free”. If you can’t make headway selling $1000 iPhones and you can’t make headway selling $100 Android phones then why not?

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Heh. They make you pay good money for the phone and STILL use you as the product. Two birds with one stone.


Maybe Carriers will add an optional monthly fee for “add free service.”

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