Xenlism Wildfire or Xenlism Storm insprired Icons/Theme for Librem 5 (& whole PureOS line)

For the most part talks about the Librem 5 focuses on on OS and hardware development. What is not often talked about is the aesthetics of the PureOS on the phone (or as a whole). I submit to the group maybe there can be a community driven theme for the entirety of PureOS; Desktop, Tablet & Phone.

Since Purism is making changes to make PureOS more uniform across all form factors, why not include the app icons & theme as well? Making Pure OS more pleasing to the eye for all form factors is not a bad idea. :sunglasses:

I think that an Icon/Theme refresh be considered. The Icon sets I suggest for inspiration for this refresh are; Xenilism Wildfire or Storm. Having an icon/theme inspired by these two themes would give a fresh look to PureOS as a whole and of course the Librem 5 as well. Something that is created and driven by the community. By the community, for the community…as it were. Your thoughts?


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