Xmodmap on arrows keys


I use an us altgr-intl layout on a librem 13v3.

with this command :

xmodmap -e "keycode 113 = Left NoSymbol U21BC NoSymbol U21BC U21BC U21BC"

(Or just 6 combinaisons, I tried many things …)

=AltGr Left= still act like =Left= alone and =AltGr Shift Left= still act like =Shift Left=

=Mode_shift Left= works well.

Some Fn’s functions are related to arrows.
If I assign the formula above to a key without fn’s functions, it will work.

Is it a problem solvable at software level?

Hello again.

My assumption was too speedy.

In short :

  1. we must use xkb for such things rather than xmodmap
  2. my librem have anyway a strange behavior with Fn's keys : the right one does not accept all modifiers like the left one.