Xmpp on Librem One (answer from purism needed)

I have a couple of question about xmpp on librem one, i hope i could have an official answer

The first question is if when xmpp service will be added to librem one will be in the free bundle as i understand reading the librem one page

The second question is about xmpp release date, i mean will be ready when the L5 will be delivered?

If you don’t wanna talk about ETA because is something you did not decided yet, i understand, but i hope the service will be free so i can use the librem5 to chat with my friends and family on android, since matrix is not reliable, i already tryed a couple of years ago to switch them but too many bugs and almost everyone left this service, and i’m pretty annoyied too.
So have xmpp in the free bundle will help me to avoid the google dependency and will give me a better user experience with my L5 being in touch with my friends

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