Yeah.... About that anonymized data of yours

Includes details about how the data was de-anonymized to target the priest:


Yea, so when do I get my L5 again? :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :sweat_smile:

In a world that everything’s a snitch - perhaps a competitive advantage is the ability to keep a secret?

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Wow. I knew they sold the data. It never occurred to me to buy it to do some snooping.

Great point. The L5 / Pinephones are the anti-snitch phones. What a great way to frame that.


Totally agree. Ouch. Yeah, going out with any phone with the modem turned on… people can figure out where you went, even with anonymized data.

I wish the Pinephone had the kill switches on the outside, since that is what I have right now. Very anxious for the L-5 to come.


That is why I never bought a Pinephone either.

I watched a video recently about the dangers of cel phones and holding them up to your head. I understand the inverse square law relationship and that cancer rates have not spiked despite increased use of cel phones, but I just like knowing that I can flip a switch and turn off the signalling when I am in the elevator or just need to put the phone in my pocket and not have that thing in the back of my head whispering that the phone is cooking my flesh.

Yes, yes, I know.

Fortunately I absolutely hate actual phone calls, so my brain exposure is minimal. :slightly_smiling_face:

On the other hand, the phone is constantly transmitting in my pants pocket. :grimacing:

Have you thought about using a dremel tool and creating a little access window to the dip switches?

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Well… This is disturbing:

Somewhat related; interesting description about how the city of Venice tracks phones of visitors and determines their probable nationality or status as a city resident or non-resident:

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The future is behind Tor and it is starting to look like the matrix.

I have started to use the term “getting to broadcast depth” as a nice poetic visual about how think about contacting others.

As well, I have even started to just not carry my android with me any more because I am realizing I just don’t need it.

The other thing about all of the new tech out there is that even if you carry nothing with you, it doesn’t matter. Facial and body recognition tech is tracking you so all of this tracking of smart phones is a bit superficial, Venice will just switch to that when the economics are right. And there are already companies selling facial recognition solutions that everyone here has probably heard of.

Where I think the L5, Pinephone and similar are going to really be interesting is the “PRIVATE AVATAR” that we all will create of our selves. We have seen social justice cultists even on this forum with awesome mods manage to get posts banned and hidden, such that, it is basically IMPOSSIBLE to have a real conversation with anyone anywhere on the internet. Everything has to be couched in newspeak because feefees trump brain cells. The problem of de-anonymization is not just an issue with the profit motive of corporations but it is also a problem with the diseased minds of a GIANT population of individuals that surround us us that have no clue or understanding of the value of freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of associations. These diseased coddled minds are utterly incapable of of negotiating reality and their default survival strategy is to maneuver the levers of power to filter conversation down into basically mental pablum.

I am starting to really see devices like L5 as devices that give us the kind of control over our technologies to fully allow us the curation of our private avatars so that these avatars can get to broadcast depth and have those conversations forbidden by the zombies.

The networks that will arise out of this are going to be really interesting, we can already see it with projects like Onion, Tor and even Tox. Looking forward to see howe far we can get the layering to happen.

You seem to be trying to insult people a lot. You’re not directly pointing fingers at anyone, but could you try to avoid insults and focus on concrete facts, when you have some? It’s hard to have a conversation when there’s hostility at the start.

I accept the rebuke. Insults cannot be given, they can only be taken.

The accurate context (from my perspective, which as valid as that of those that disagree) is required for the private avatar point in the specific social environment that we find our selves in. The privacy dangers are as much within as they are without.

I do appreciate that you don’t agree and the push back. It’s forcing me to flesh out my thinking on this topic, so apologies about a few edits to this response.