YEAH! Pureos 3.0 alpha 3 has been released

Pureos 3.0 alpha 3 has been released
Please test it out and and give your views:
1.How is wayland ? (I have never used it before)
2.How is purebrowser? ,Is it based on firefox esr (45.6.0) or firefox (50.1.0)
3. Does this feature any alpha release of purist services ? (keysafe?)
Sorry I posted this before the official announcement (Just EXCITED AND CURIOUS)
Thanks everybody for their hardwork.

Any update on FSF Distribution Endorsement for Pureos 3.0

How is coreboot development going ?

Thanks a lot for you interest in what we do! It helps!

In term of pure technical work, PureOS is already ready to be endorsed. We just need to complete some work on the website because of FSF requirements in term of freedom promoting. PureOS will have its own website. Once this work is done (hopefully pretty soon) we should be ready for endorsement.

As for Coreboot, progress has been pretty slow lately but we are back to it now. We are mainly focusing on disabling the ME right now. We will try to give you a weekly update through our blog.

Ok, a little correction about Coreboot : We are actually improving Coreboot support on the Librem 13 first and then we will focus on the ME in a second step.

Anyway, you should get regular updates on the progress through the blog. I am not a technical guy so the posts will give you much better info.

Like we stated few times already, news about logistics, manufacturing, hardware and software development are published in our News section. Support forums aren’t meant for this. Furthermore, you only make it worse for us by creating unnecessary topics, topic hijacking, double-posting and bike-shedding, all of which I’ve noticed you did recently. I understand your enthusiasm, and I can understand you are “EXCITED AND CURIOUS”, but please, keep it cool a little bit. If you really want to help:

  1. Install PureOS and report any bugs or freedom issues on our tracker,
  2. Help to spread the word about PureOS and Purism in general (by blogging or posting on social media),
  3. Write an article in our PureOS wiki (there’s a bug in the wiki interface making new pages difficult, so I haven’t published instructions to create new pages yet; but if you want, mail @support and I will help you with this).

Thank you for your understanding.