Yeeet , the citizens are receiving their L5!

Happy to see this . Im glad the project is coming to fruition . Kinda sucks the battery is only 2000mAh as per reddit user who received his L5 hopefully a larger battery will be able to be purchased . Glad its looking like XDAdevelopers have interest too . that can only mean the L5 may have its own forum there one day then the deving is ON!!! Cause it sounds like several things arent working on his right now but that was too be expected in early batches.

Cant wait till next summer to get my evergreen !!

Any reason the 3000/3500mAh battery was not included as listed in final specs ? Did it not fit ?

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Don’t know the answer you’re seeking, but given that we know nothing really on what power consumption will be like, I’ve never paid much attention to mAh for L5. We don’t have a baseline to use for accurate comparison to other phones.

Also, ‘long battery life’ can be nothing but a secondary/optional goal for a project like this; there are far more important things at stake here. :slight_smile:


The best option may be some ultra small pack for recharging such as T-Core [] which is light and takes up little space. Given that the battery is reasonably easily accessed, it may be possible to buy an extra battery and swap this out for the other with charging done at night or perhaps through some charger device that might be sought or even created. I doubt that there is some device for this or that one could easily be made, but if the battery used had prior application for a camera or another device, some charging device might just be out there.

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2000, Really? I thought it was a typo on Reddit when I saw it. That’s criminal. This can’t be a decent daily driver. Idk what in the world are they thinking. No matter how lean the OS is compared to Android and the fact that it doesn’t send any data in the background, with 5.5 LCD panel, CPU and modems not really made for cell phones (power inefficient) , no way this can get you through past early afternoon.
Super disappointing


my blackberry q10 says otherwise but it depends on the final software i guess …


The battery shipped with Birch isn’t the final one.


That reaction escalated quickly.


It isnt ? How do you know that ? That’s good to know.

I mean the imx8m isnt meant for cellular devices in the first place and thus doesnt have the best power consumption . So I would hope the battery would be larger than 2000mAh .

That being said if I can pull decent battery life out of it thatd be fine with me I guess.


That battery is very thick in the photos. It looks like a 3500mAh battery to me. I wonder if 2000mAh is simply a mislabel by the manufacturer.

Hopefully someone will take some measurements of the battery and we can compare it to the volume in other batteries which have 3500mAh.


output of udevadm info /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0 should help to dissipate speculations :slight_smile:


I’ve got a milwaukee heated jacket so I’m planning to charge mine off of that in the winter and the m12 red lithium system (that you can usb charge from while heating the jacket or just on its own) is detachable so I’ll just carry it with me in the summer. Buddy in the video is right though people do ask questions for no reason,worse, people walking on the sidewalk who veer towards you like a moth.

Were you possibly speaking with me about that jacket just the other day on another forum ? You were explaining the signifigance of the colors and I posted my milwaukee m18 fuel brushless 1/2" hammer drill ?

Oh, ha ha , nope wasn’t me. …guess the universe is trying to be your personal shopper :slight_smile: I know the ladies models only come in m12, but I don’t know if the mens has m18 (?).

No , my m18 was the hammerdrill . The m12 was the hoodie person was showing me and theyd just got a big m12 pack for it . Pretty cool concept.

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That’s what I thought at first, because I remember how fat it looked I the video where Todd was breaking it apart. But, then how do I know if they decided to cut the cost last minute or something.
It doesn’t make sense to make the thickest phone on the market today (almost twice as avg), with the smallest battery in it. What, ppl would pass on it , because 1 or 2mm thicker? :slight_smile: There is literally no excuse for 2000 mAh. So, has to be a wrong labeling. Wouldn’t be a first for sure. Seen that before, though not by this much. Usually it was in the 100s of mAh.

Your old Blackberry still has way better CPU and integrated modem when it comes to power efficiency. Not to mention the screen close to half of the size and pixels to push. (3.1in,720x720). Also L5 is gonna be more capable and therefore pushed harder.
It’s really inadequate comparison in my opinion.

maybe it is but the OS in my blackberry has reached it’s manufacturer imposed EOL long ago … screen is too small for ANY kind of useful web browsing … L5 will only go up from here on …

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Well that is not confidence inspiring . Wrong labeling on a battery induces vision of cheap chinese batteries grenading in your pocket. Im hoping it was an actual 2000mAh battery rather than a mislabeled 3000-3500mAh battery as the mislabled ones usually come from factories that dont care enough about qc to actually check the voltage before they slap a label on it . Hopefully it is quality enough to have overcharge cutoff circuit in it .


I would agree, but somebody would look pretty foolish using such a jacket in Yuma, AZ or in Darwin, Australia. The uses for such a heated jacket are best limited to the winter climate season of appropriate temperate regions, but not to mid summer weather or the tropics!

You mean they’re not three triple-A’s like I predicted?


The heated hoodie sausage looks pretty cute in it !! :wink: