Your registration is pending, please wait two minutes before refreshing this page

After searching this forum, I do not find any threads that answer my question. So I post it here. I signup account a few days ago (maybe a week). After signing up, the page displayed

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Your registration is pending, please wait two minutes before refreshing this page.

However, after several days, today I login again. It still displays this page. So my question. What should I do in order to use service? Should I upgrade to paid account? Or anything I miss?



I’m experiencing same issue.

Upgrading probably won’t help. I had the same problem when I setup my account (and mine is a paid account).

I had to send an email to support. I did get an email with the order number (hopefully you did too). Put the order number in the subject line as specified here.

Put something like “LO registration is pending” after the order number in the subject and then the full screen message in the email (probably could just copy your post above and send that).

Took them a couple days to figure it out for me… hopefully it won’t take them as long for you.

Be sure to have an alternate email account to report issues to, I use gmail for that.

Because if LO isn’t working, they aren’t going to get any complaints from THAT direction.

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I contacted the support team, because I was experiencing the same issue.

It seems as though they are having problems with registration at the moment. My guess is that there’s a large influx of new users and the couldn’t handle the volume. They are working on resolving the issues so it’s best to just sit tight for now.

been over a week now. eta?