Youtube downloads

I like to download youtube videos and other videos to watch them offline.
What are good ways to download these videos in pureos?

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I use clipgrab, dunno how libre it is though. Or you can use youtube-dl.

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Look here. I use SaveTube method or youtube-dl.

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Looks like that’s all Windows software.
For whatever reason I can’t get WINE to run on my computer. It installs but will not launch.

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Use youtube-dl it’s terminal based but really easy to use it can be installed from the repos if I’m not wrong.


What do you mean?

It looked to me that most of them are just web sites. The web site sits between you and YouTube. The web site downloads the YouTube stream and gives it to you as a download file in the format you want, with exact functionality varying between web sites.

One of them was a Firefox add-on.

Each of those approaches has privacy / security implications.

Clipgrab is an appimage

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or you could just search for it here >

many snoop tube channels are ALREADY on there … and each video can be downloaded directly on the web-site … it has a visible dl button … try it ! you might find you like it better than using snoople’ services …

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Lots of choices, but I am not versed on PureOS yet.
So I couldn’t get the appimage to run.

Still trying to get wine to run.

Don’t know how to run youtube-dl either. The download file is a tar.gz is a nice video alternative but not finding what i am looking for.

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Look here

if you’re looking for something more user-friendly than youtube-dl, newpipe for android (available on F-droid) can do it

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What am i supposed to do with GIMP?

appimage doesn’t mean anything to me.

Open the terminal emulator.

sudo apt update

sudo apt install youtube-dl

Then run it
youtube-dl http://youtubevideoaddresyouwanttodownload

There are a lot of options to download

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one thing i’d like to add is that youtube-dl doesn’t work reliably … some regions can’t dl certain material but it can certainly be used to dl from other sources not just snooptube …

the solution might be a VPN … and if that fails …

It might be but … random question … does youtube-dl support a proxy? That could be another, less disruptive, way of bypassing any geoblocking.

Thank you.
Got youtube-dl installed and ran it but it said:
ERROR: N-yALPEpV4w: YouTube said: This video is unavailable.

However, I can play this video on youtube.
This is the video:

I used the “Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express” Firefox Add-on and downloading that video worked fine. Got my 45MB 720p MP4 file, which is the format that I chose.

Which download mechanism is best depends on what your goals are - and what your exact environment is and what your exact constraints are.

This is not about GIMP. This is an article from PureOS Wiki on how to install applications in a graphical environment. In response to the question

@uzanto showed how to install an application using a terminal. All or almost all of the programs you need are in the PureOS repositories, are quickly installed in one of the ways shown here and do not require you to download any additional files from the Internet.

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It’s downloading in my phone, I’m using an UK VPN.


Try it like that