Zenity editor auto adaptable on the screen

I found on the internet, and integrated with the --save option, this small application that allows you to have a very simple text editor. I added the --save option because it allows you to give a name to the file to be created and, after writing to the .txt file, to save it. Since it uses zenity it immediately adapts to the screen (tried with Qemu).
obviously make the executable file and run with ./name of the file.sh

zOpenPath="$(zenity --file-selection --save )"
if [ “$zOpenPath” != “” ]
zData=$(cat “$zOpenPath”)
zNewData=$(echo -n “$zData” | zenity --text-info --editable --width 250 --height 300)
zSavePath=$(echo -n “$(zenity --file-selection --filename=”$zOpenPath" --save --confirm-overwrite)")
echo -n “$zNewData” > “$zSavePath”