Zigbee support?

From looking at the spec sheet for the wifi module in the dev kit, it appears that the hardware supports Zigbee in addition to wifi. Is there any chance that the Zigbee functionality will be available on the device?

And, on the dev kit, there is a u.fl connector on the wifi module that isn’t connected to an antenna. Is that the connector for the Zigbee antenna?

I don’t currently have any Zigbee devices, but being a bit of a home automation nerd, I’d be interested to experiment with a phone that supports Zigbee.


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Wow, yeah, huge missed opportunity on marketing points if this isn’t a simple switch flip. Librem 5:

  • Privacy-focused
  • First IP-native smartphone
  • First IoT-enabled smartphone

Of course, it’s mostly a buzzword, but why not enhance users’ abilities to interact differently with the world of devices around us?

I can understand that Purism probably doesn’t have developers available to build in ZigBee support. So, it would probably be a bit of a stretch to claim that it is IoT enabled just by virtue of having the hardware in the device.

That said, if it is as simple as adding another antenna to add support, and there is a little space in the device for it, it would be REALLY COOL to have the hardware there, waiting for someone (possibly like me :wink: ) to sit down and start to write apps that would support it.

Of course, OTOH, it is entirely possible that nobody (but me) would care. And adding the little bit of extra hardware would just increase the build price for no good reason. So, I can understand why Purism might choose to ignore it. (That said, I am thinking about trying to enable the hardware on the development board and play with it a bit.)

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