Zim App has different versions in apt and pureos.store (PureOs and Flatpak)

On Pureos Store i can find zim 0.75.0
but through apt show zim 0.73.5
Why such a difference ?

On PureOS you can install software from .deb packages or flatpaks from Purism’s flatpak repository out of the box. The flatpak version is typically newer because it ships all required dependencies with it while the .deb packages depend on the versions provided by the distribution which won’t update as often to be more stable.

So you can potentially choose between two different versions.

Yes, but this time, flatpak and PureOs on the AppStore show the same latest version : 0.75.1 and I get it if I click on “install”.
BUT if I install it with apt install zim, i get the 0.73.5-1 (of course my apt is up to date)
I thought that PureOs Store app and apt would get the same version. This is strange for me and a problem if I need to reinstall all apps from script after a new Os reinstall. Isn’t it some bug with apt?

PureOS Store does also use Flatpak in addition to deb packages.