12 weeks shipping time on Librem 14


Is the 12 weeks shipping time on the Librem 14 correct? From my understanding alot of the people writing here has been waiting alot longer.

12 weeks are ok, but if the waiting time are 20 weeks + thats not cool.

Anyone know how long the shipping time are on the Lirebm 14 atm? :slight_smile:

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Hard to tell. It is well known by now that Purism tends to be, well, let’s call it optimistic regarding all kinds of time estimates. Based on how it’s been earlier, I would say that if the official shipping time is 12 weeks then there is a pretty big risk that it will take longer than that. But who knows. Look at the times it has taken for those who wrote about their shipping times here: Estimate your Librem 14 shipping and the comment here Estimate your Librem 14 shipping


I got my Mini in just two weeks… but I know that is just a different product. I think when all is working well, there are no issues here, with Purism I mean. When covid hit and computer parts shortage hit, it really made things bad for Purism. I think just understanding this will help your expectations, to accept the fact that things happen out of their control. You can get one, just be open minded about all that is going on. and it will get there when it gets there :slight_smile:

Until Purism proves otherwise, don’t hold your breath expecting it in 12 weeks; i.e. it would be unprecedented that they actually delivered on their Librem 14 and Librem 5 estimates.

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I want to stay positive about Purism to be honest. If this doesn’t work, there are other means to an end and I will take them into my own hands directly. But I would rather avoid being a monster. I am a paying customer who loves what this company is doing, though I undertand there are complications, I still expect the company TO FOLLOW THE LAW> there are consumer laws here in America, and all I have to do is make 10 phone calls a day and talk to some reporters and this shit will blow up like nitro. Purism DOES NOT NEED that kind of attention. Nor would that benefit them. So I am urging myself to restrain from being ANGRY at purism for this mess.

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FWIW, we ALL want to remain positive but we all have different B.S. thresholds and I’m going to exceed mine if I don’t have my LIbrem 14 in hand by 15 Dec AT THE LATEST. :wink:

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I can totally relate. I emailed my guiy again and think we set things straight, cause I do get blonde every once and a while and see this and want that … and so on. I should have the 14 when its done and shipped. I am not going to refund. I didnt want to tbh, but only went on to because crypto farm and I have adhd. Anyway I asked for forgiveness and he said cause I didnt email the fincial guy yet, they hadnt even started the process so I should be good to go, expecting a librem 14 new years ish? +/- whatever cause the world and shit does happen.

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