17 inches for 8 hours!


Dear Puri.sm Team;

First off, I want to thank you for this beast of a laptop! Worth every penny. Beautiful desktop on first boot/great first impression!

I have just one MAJOR ISSUE with it…

Its not 17 inches.

Its too late for me, unfortunately… However I wanted to express my opinion that you need a 17 inch laptop. I have been using nothing but 17 inches for the last 10 years. I absolutely love the extra 2 inches of space for my designing; my multitasking; my everything.

Having firefox showing on both sides of my screen with lots of extra space really speaks to the ADHD child in me.

I think that 17 inch screens are going to be a norm sooner or later. Its not too big, not too small. Plus you get an extra inch or so for your keyboard which helps you not feel so cramped with your hands and all.

Dear Puri.sm Team, Please make a 17in display laptop for your future buyers.




Yes, yes and again yes! :slight_smile:
The only thing holding me back with a French keyboard.


YES! This is the main thing holding me back from buying! I too wish for a 17’ having had one for 7 years, with eye sight getting worse, going down to 15’ is undesirable.
17" please Purism! :pray:


Yeah, the eyes aren’t what they were! Just got the 15, retired my 13" laptop. The increase is incredible. 17 can only be better. Definitely will buy if/when.

The 15 really is sufficient though, as I have a 43" 4k TV on my desk for home use :joy:
Still, a 17 or a desktop would be a welcome addition…


Sorry for being a party pooper, but this source suggests that the market share for 17 inch is less than 10% (if I did the math properly). This suggests that it might not be worthwhile for Purism to target that in the near future.

@Arminius I guess we’ll see French keyboards first :wink: , they should be next on the list now the German keyboards are available.

Why not combine a 13 inch laptop with a 30 inch screen? Gives you the best of both worlds, mobility and screen estate :wink:
You could use blender on the big screen and have the tutorials open on the second (or the other way round, coz blender is complicated… :rofl:)

@anarchotaoist about the eye-sight: That only works if there is the same amount of pixels on a bigger screen, which is not necessarily the case. Tuning the font sizes might also help you. In many browsers, zooming works really nice. (Ctrl-Mousewheel or Ctrl-+/-, reset with Ctrl-0)


Good point @Caliga but it might work differently for Purism if they’ll chose not to sell desktop PCs.

17" laptops could become desktop replacements for those who want HW from Purism. I never liked the idea of plugging a screen into a laptop, it just confuses me as to which screen to look at :smiley: even if one would be turned off.
Maybe if having the screen detachable from the main “laptop” while connected to a bigger screen - could work better, IDK. :thinking:


You are right @Caliga the supply is shrinking away and thus also forcing people to change habits. If the market existed in the past, there must be a reason :slight_smile:

I’d agree with @beFree on user experience. It’s not the same thing at all. Have tried it in the past, very confusing. And doesn’t work when you are not at a place you know and have that extra screen (work/home).


@Caliga SHH!!

Look, heres how we can fix this.

We stop selling 13 and 15 in.

Nobody came here to buy a X-inch laptop anyway. So we just toss the smaller ones and only sell 17s.

We could also start subliminal campaigning.


How about they do a pledge page on the website with all the non-existing options and see how many people bite. If it’s above x, they’ll do it.


I’ve brought this up to Purism before but got hit with the “most people don’t want them” response as well. I figured that 17" models would also have better hardware due to having more internal space and better ventilation.

All-in-all I expect my laptops to perform comparably good to desktops - I need power.

@Caliga I think that a different study needs to be done on this specific company or at least Linux users. Power users tend to want 17" laptops more often than the casual base. I think the base tends to not care about anything other than getting a computer that isn’t too slow and costs as little as possible.

Always remember that when you’re talking about the base, you’re talking about the vast majority of people that don’t really care about the specifics of computers, and people like grandma and grandpa. Remember that Purism doesn’t really attract these types of people to begin with anyway.

That being said, Purism is still a small company. I expect they’d only supply the most demanded stuff until they have the money to branch-off in new, and more niche, directions.


Well said, Alex. I would like to add that the ‘vast majority’ who do not care about 17 inch screens would most likely align with the same ‘vast majority’ that does not take their privacy seriously. People that make the trade-off of security and privacy for better convenience.

I myself am definitely a power user, a linux user and a working IT major. I often have 2 browser windows open, reading different related subjects online or working on 1 side while reading on the other.

And when I buy a computer, Im not afraid to invest into it. Investments into power & privacy.


How about a non-biding survey @mladen? :slight_smile:


@SeVaS: Since you seem to be speaking for all of us, let me give you my point of view.

I take privacy quite seriously and consider myself a power user (as I am a SW developer) and I don’t want a laptop bigger than 13".

My view is that a laptop should be light-weigth (less than 1.5 kg), silent, with long lasting battery power (12 hours would be perfect) and small enough to be on the lap and easy to transport around.

I understand that you want the laptop to be like a work station, but do not assume that everybody wants that.
I get the processing power needed through remote computers (via SSH).

I can have 2 browser windows open next to each other on my librem13 and for me this is perfect size.


oh I suppose youre right. I stand corrected.

as far as having two browser windows open at once, I find that they dont fit on my 17 inch screen more often than not. (once you have ads and menus running down both sides)