A New Orientation Thing

I’ve got a new thing happening with my orientation.

After turning it back on when I need to enter my unlock code, the screen is upside down.

After entering the pass code (and I hold t up correctly) the screen is right side up.

If I hit the power button to turn off the screen and then back on to enter the pass code, it is upside down again.

Also while it is in the pass code screen, I can’t shake it or use the acceleromenter to turn it right side up. I stays upside down in the pass code screen.

Reminder to my prior post about phone acceleromenter:

I’ve seen that happening too. Whenever it happens:

  1. Lock the screen (e.g. press power button twice)
  2. disable auto-rotation by long-pressing the corresponding button from the pull-down menu
  3. put the screen back in correct orientation by touching the orientation button (that should say “portrait”) once
  4. unlock (type your pin)
  5. relock (press power button twice)
  6. re-enable auto-rotation by long-pressing the orientation button again.

Does that work for you?

The Monday morning O/S update also fixed it.

Although I don’t believe it was intentional, more like collateral repair. (The opposite of damage.)

I wish there would be an auto rotation with normal portrait view and up-side-down portrait view. This can be useful on desk while USB-cable plugged. But that should not stay static as you described.

Maybe I don’t understand you correctly, but if you allow auto-rotation from the drop-down menu and you slowly rotate your phone so that the USB-connector is pointing upside than the portrait view also rotates accordingly.

I was speaking about the lockscreen. I guess that’s the topic (orientation on lockscreen).

If auto-rotation of the lock screen is too hard, maybe a manual rotate button could be added.

I don’t think that’s something “hard” to implement. I think they just “hot-fixed” the old issue, where all 4 orientations were possible (you could not log in from landscape view). A quick solution to solve this, but nothing final.

Right now I’m just not sure if they want to fix landscape some day or if they want to stay on portrait view for lockscreen. But such button (we by the way already have on long press) is not very handy. I also can unlock upside down until a final solution will be released.

Actually I didn’t mind at all but I though it worth mentioning. Until it fixed itself I happily entered the numbers upside down.

I’ll think of another thing to mention in a few moments in another thread.