Accelerometer Fun Video

Seen on another forum, I thought you all would be interested. Some guy de-lidded an accelerometer and then 3D printed it large size to show how it works.

Warning, about half a dozen adverts.


watching it

Thanks for the link to the video. I enjoyed watching it very much.

Thank you very much for this video. I am just a little disappointed, cause now i hope this will work in space too, but since is more gravity related it seems bad.

However i thought the micro devices of the sensors, work like from where the name came from: traditional Gyroscope, like the one which you find on Wikipedia:

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I don’t plan on going into space soon. But if I were there, it seems that holding it in one had and hitting it in your other hand should do the trick to orient it as desired.

It would be like slapping an old pack of unfiltered cigarettes together in your hands. (Those who do that today are only emulating their great-grandfathers, and made new excuses why they do it. Originally it was to keep the tobacco bits off their lips Then came filters.)


Thank you for posting the link to this video. It was very informative and I enjoyed watching it very much.

You’re welcome!

Or tapping a magazine on your helmet to prevent failures to feed.

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