An e-ink keyboard?

Hi guys!

First of all, keep up the good work ?

As I’ve read on the forums, for quite a lot of people (as for myself), not having an international keyboard is a no go.

I don’t really know if it could even be an option, but I thought having a keyboard with e-ink could be an option.
This way there is no need to change keys, in order to have different layouts. Something similar to the sonder keyboard…



This is a pretty cool idea. I’ll share it around and see if it could be a possibility for future revisions.

In the meantime, y’all will have to learn DSK touch-typing :wink:

What an amazing idea this is! I would love to press a button and turn my US keys to “video editing” keys that would have color and shine in the dark!
I am sure that you share this dream Jeff! :slight_smile:

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I am sure that you share this dream Jeff! ?

Given that this is to convert “US” keys, maybe “Print $” (instead of “Print Screen”) or a “Fix everything” buttons would be more useful. I have a dream… :wink:

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I do not really care about “video editing” keys. I care about being able to type in my own language. That would be nice for the start.

This has been a pipe-dream of mine for a while. I sometimes switch layouts rapidly, and would really like to see an e-ink keyboard that can display different layouts at will.

I’m hoping the makers of this keyboard might choose to implement this sometime:

See also what might have been an e-ink keyboard (but proprietary, I believe):



Is this idea still being evaluated? Because I really like this e-ink idea, and still the missing “azerty” is my greatest barrier to buy a Librem15.