Announcing the Librem Mini V2

It was less than a year ago when we announced our new Librem Mini campaign. We wanted to offer people a powerful and accessible desktop PC in a mini form-factor running the same free firmware and operating system as our laptops. The Librem Mini campaign was a big success and now we are excited to announce an upgrade to the Librem Mini product line.

The Librem Mini v2 in just about all respects matches the Mini v1 including the same base price . The big difference is that we can now offer a new, 10th gen i7-10510U Intel processor . This gives the Librem Mini four cores at up to 4.9Ghz!

While the Mini v1 was already a capable desktop or home server, upgrading the CPU makes the Librem Mini v2 even more powerful while still offering the same PureBoot or coreboot firmware and running the same freedom-respecting PureOS.

The Librem Mini v2 is available for purchase today and ships within our standard 10-business-day shipping window. Order yours now!


Excellent! Keep up the great work!


Damn. 2 weeks after I bought (and received) the previous version? That’s just mean!


It might be another 6 months until they start shipping

I’m afraid you are mistaken, @Amol

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

I ordered a Mini v1 just a couple of days ago. I don’t think it’s shipped out yet. Any chance I could upgrade that order to a v2?


congrats on the new revision then !

as a suggestion for future revisions i’d like to see a design that ventilates both interior spaces not just the underside.

it’s probably not such a big deal but i don’t think it would hurt to have a well ventilated speedy-NVME drive in there.

does the new version of the LMini come with the latest PureBOOT/coreBOOT+SeaBIOS updates ?
has the iGPU received any kind of upgrades ?

Looks to be the same to me. On librem-Miniv2 page you see Intel UHD Graphics 620 And on the Librem-Mini v1 it’s also the UHD Graphics 620.

And on intel ark site you see the same specs on both igpu for the 2 CPU the only diff is added line of 24 exec units for the 10gen version.

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If it hasn’t shipped out yet it is probably going to automatically be upgraded to a v2 but you can confirm that with the ops team.


what does that mean ?

Yes because the Mini v2 is on a new Intel CPU architecture, it required an update to PureBoot/coreboot to account for it.


The question was asked about the Librem Mini v1 and I think never answered … does it have a battery and RTC chip to maintain the time when powered off? @Kyle_Rankin

Processor: Intel Core i7-10510U (Comet Lake), Active (fan) Cooling, 4 Cores, 8 Threads, up to 4.6GHzz

That extra z signifies it fairly whizzzzzing along? :slight_smile:

A nice upgrade. A fair bit better than my current SFF device, which predates the Librem Mini v1 by some years. Unfortunately: fan.

From the link (to the Intel ark site):

Execution Units

The Execution Unit is the foundational building block of Intel’s graphics architecture. Execution Units are compute processors optimized for simultaneous Multi-Threading for high throughput compute power.

Note that some 10th generation Intel CPUs have more than 24 EU but for those two particular CPUs, it seems to be the same graphics (UHD 620, with 24 EU).

How broad was the scope of your question? :slight_smile:

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we’ll postpone the TL;DR for some other time/place Kieran :wink: you’re respone is sufficient for me

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if CPU threads were the same as GPU Execution-Units (which they are NOT) then we could say that the iGPU in the LMini is 3 times as powerfull as the CPU (24 vs 8 :upside_down_face: )

It may be more appropriate to compare CPU cores, rather than CPU hyperthreads, with EUs, in which case 6 times more powerful. :slight_smile: Not to take this too seriously but obviously the clock speed is completely different and more fundamentally it is a completely different CPU architecture in the iGPU.

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Note that 4.9-vs4.6 is a good bit less than 10% of difference, so you won’t notice the difference unless you go out of your way to measure it. Also, this max frequency is one which is very rarely attained anyway. In practice my Librem mini (v1, of course) runs at about 3.6GHz for the first 20-30s in single-threaded mode and then goes down to stabilize at around 3.1GHz (still single-threaded). It’s still significantly faster than my Core 2 Duos :wink:

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The newer CPU supports faster memory - although it is unknown whether that is relevant in this particular device - I suspect not. There may be other differences in CPU (maybe some of the Intel CPU gremlins fixed). There may be other differences in other hardware.

I couldn’t find any major differences. This would be crying out for a “compare products” option on the web site (or, more accurately, “compare product versions”).

I confirm that time is kept when I shutdown and unplug power on the Librem V1