Announcing the Librem version 4

There was an announcement recently about the new Librem laptops. It’s a short blog post and well worth reading, I’ll list the highlights here;

  • 7th Gen Intel Core CPU
  • HD Graphics 620 GPU
  • 4K video playback, 4K Display for Librem 15

It’s worth reminding folks that Purism carefully chooses CPUs that work with coreboot since our focus is on privacy and security as well as pure awesome.


So is HDMI over USB-C finally possible? In previous versions, it was not.


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no, the board design is unchanged from v3

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does the new intel 620 igpu support native hardware decode for 4k hdr video ? or is that task carried out in mixed mode or 100% by the CPU ?

Does this mean if one had a v3 model, and bought the CPU, they could conceivably upgrade the CPU?

in theory it should be perfectly plausible if the older and newer cpu both use the same socket on the motherboard.

i’ve heard of guys beeing able to mount an AMD epyc cpu on a threadripper motherboard so from a purely technical standpoint it should be possible. if the TDP remains the same.

Well I said that after seeing comments on the mobo not having any changes, but I might have taken that out of context or taken it to mean something it doesn’t.

Does v4 laptops supports HDMI 2.0? (specifically running 4k at 60hz) ?

V4 supports HDMI 1.4 due to the Intel 7th gen CPU/GPU.

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the KBL GT2 GPU supports hardware decode of HEVC and VP9 10-bit up to 4K. HDR is hardware supported by not yet exposed in the Linux drivers by Intel.