Anyone here interested in buying my Librem 5?

I have a Librem 5 Evergreen that I purchased off of eBay in December of 2021 and have attempted to use (with greater and lesser frequency) over the past 6-7 months. I purchased an “Impact” screen protector from ViaScreens and applied it immediately to make sure the screen was protected and has zero scratches (I think I actually ordered two). A couple of months ago I began using Purism’s SIMple service plan and ordered a brand new modem from Purism to replace the original modem (in case the original modem had been blacklisted on AT&T’s network). For the past two months I’ve used it as my personal daily driver, but the SIMple service plan stopped working on Saturday and I think I’ve finally given up on Purism as a company. That said, I know there are a lot of Purism fanboys in here, so I figured I’d offer to sell it here before I go through the hassle of selling it on eBay.

My cost for purchasing it from eBay was $927.59 after shipping and taxes. As mentioned earlier, I have the screen protector on the Librem 5 and I believe a second screen protector (that I have to find) that cost around $25 (for the two of them). I also purchased a new modem from Purism that was installed two months ago. I have everything that came in the Librem 5’s original box, and I’m willing to sell it all for $950 plus shipping. If anyone here is interested, please let me know so I can see if we can work out a sale without me having to hassle with eBay.

P.S. To be clear, the Librem 5 itself works as perfectly as a Librem 5 can currently work.

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Would anybody be interested if I dropped the price to $900 plus shipping?

I’m don’t want it but I can sell you mine for $800. :stuck_out_tongue:

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:sweat_smile: I guess I’ll be figuring out how to sell on eBay.

Does it not work if you stick a normal SIM into the phone?

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I don’t have another active SIM I can try. I tried a T-Mobile SIM and an AT&T SIM earlier in the year with the original modem, and I couldn’t get VoLTE calling to work. Purism’s own MVNO was my last-ditch effort to get the phone working as a phone. It worked for two months, so my best guess is that Purism now has something wrong with my specific line. I assume that somebody else with a different SIM might be able to get service working for them, but I’m done fighting Purism myself.

VoLTE worked on firmware version 2019 on the modem, check what firmware version the modem it has.

Calling still working without VoLTE even with the marginally close 3G network.

When insert the sim on Librem 5, the modem boot? like it showing signal bars?

If you thing that the sim it damage are you tried same sim to another phone?

Purism support just emailed me and let me know the following:
"I just word from our tech that where checking your account. And there was an issue with the phone number. And sadly that number is not recoverable.

What we can do is ship you a new SIM card free of charge with a new number. And have the same subscription."

This confirms my suspicion that there is nothing wrong with the Librem 5 itself, but rather with the service for this specific line. As such, I have zero problem reselling this Librem 5, as it is fully functional and will work with another line if you have the ability to get VoLTE working with your service.

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I’m kind of curious what sort of nonrecoverable issue a phone number that has been working for a couple of months can develop.


Maybe this is what happens when they can’t figure out who owns it?

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I’m sweetening the deal here one last time before I attempt eBay. I’m dropping the price to $875 (plus whatever shipping is) and including the 256 GB SanDisk High Endurance UHS-I microSDXC I bought for the Librem 5. I have confirmed I have the second “Impact” screen protector from ViaScreens and can either leave the first protector on, take it off and apply the brand new screen protector for you, or take it off and send the new “Impact” screen protector with the Librem 5 so that you can install it yourself.

Based on Purism fixing whatever issue they had with my SIMple service, the Librem 5 works as perfectly as a Librem 5 can currently work (e.g. calls, data, SMS, and MMS all work with Purism’s MVNO cellular service). If you’re wanting to get a Librem 5 with no delay in shipping and at an extremely cheaper price than Purism is currently selling the Librem 5, hit me up. If I don’t hear back within a week I’m going to look into selling it on eBay.

I am interested if you still have it.

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I haven’t yet gotten around to figuring out selling on eBay, so I still have it and am still looking to sell it. Shall I post pictures here for you? Also, when I received it I recorded myself unboxing it and booting it up, so I could post that on Odysee and share a link to it. It’s basically in the same condition as when I got it, and I can take a new video of me using it now if you want to have proof that it works.

Was it an American one or did you change the modem, etc

I purchased it off of eBay and it had an American modem in it. After trying and failing to get VoLTE working with cellular service with T-Mobile and then AT&T, I became concerned that AT&T blacklisted my modem, so I ordered and installed a new American modem when I started the SIMple service plan from Purism. It worked fine on the SIMple service plan (which runs on AT&T’e network) with the new modem. Only issue I had was when Purism lost my number for 5-6 days (I can only assume that they failed to pay AT&T for my line, but I don’t have concrete evidence of that). After Purism got service back, everything started working again, but I am done working with Purism, hence me selling my Librem 5 and going to a normie phone.

I don’t know anything about your issue except what you have stated here. However, I want to say that, in my experience, certain of the big mobile carriers in the USA are not particularly friendly. That’s putting it very lightly. I realize this does not help your experience. Just mentioning it.

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Thanks for your input! Just while even I that do not live in USA am aware of this fact for many years now. Or to rewrite your very kind and open note: it is more about end user awareness on with whom … and less about their experience: “We have a good relationship with AT&T. We have had discussions about the MVNO. They’re interested in having a relationship with us, and we’re interested in having a relationship with them.

In addition, as here related and important to be understood:

vs perfidious:

I personally attempted to use both T-Mobile and then AT&T directly for my Librem 5’s cellular service, and I could not get VoLTE configured to work with either. When I called AT&T support to get them to help me, they told me I was using an unsupported device, and after being on the phone with the AT&T my mobile data stopped working (so I assume that they must have blacklisted my modem at that point, which is why I purchased a new modem from Purism). Have you attempted using either T-Mobile or AT&T and got VoLTE working on your Librem 5? Than why accuse me of being “perfidious”?”

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Nope, as I wrote in my post: I live overseas (up to what that means in American English terms). Perhaps therefore I was not being able to get to use AT&T phone within Europe? They “blacklisted” their own phone not to be used outside of USA? All I see up to your sharing with us here that they really advanced in terms of … getting a new haircut, perhaps.