App for showing png-screenshots

Now i installed the librem5-goodies and can take screenshots. But I do not find an app which can show thepng-file. Evince does not do it.

eog isn’t fully adaptive yet, but works well enough for displaying single files.

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Install Files (either Nemo or Nautilus) from the PureOS store app (you’ll have to use the magnifying glass/search box in the store app to find them). Every .png file you make with screenshot will be found in the Pictures folder.

You will also need an app that displays photos, such as gThumb or Eye Of GNOME Image Viewer, which work pretty well.

You can then go to your Pictures folder within your Home folder, and simply double-tap on a .png, which will open in your chosen image viewer.

If you want to post your screenshots here in the forum directly from your phone, just single-tap the .png, then choose Copy from the file menu, and paste it here.

If you want to post in the forum from your computer instead, you’ll need to move the .png from your phone to your computer first. (There are many different ways to do that.)


I only had to install gthumb and can now see my screenshot.
But the standard viewer evince cannot show the screenshot take on the librem5? What kind of joke is that? Okular of course does it.

Looks like the developers are still working on image viewing:

Silly me, I thought of it before as only a .pdf viewer; didn’t know it could do other stuff. :open_mouth:


Okular does all this too and much more and there is a mobile Version available.

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specifically it would be /home/username/Pictures directory path. and it also depends on WHERE the /home/username dir. is mounted (could be internal or external storage media)

I found the screenshot. Thank you.