Apple and Google Cave to Authoritarianism...Again

Russia forces Apple and Google to remove Navalny’s tactical voting recommendation app; election starting today:


I read this today too and was deeply saddened to hear it (but not surprised).

With China, I get why the US and US companies do basically whatever they want. China is a HUGE market and supplies a lot of what those companies sell.
But why are we beholden to Russia?

(Obligatory: I know next to nothing about world politics, just concerned is all)


Discussion on Hacker News:

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It’s all business. Nothing personal :smile:.

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Maybe Russia doesn’t like outside meddling in their country election. I remember a similar case in the USA during the Trump election (but in the reverse).

Yes, but Navalny’s app is internal to Russia, by Russians, for Russians, so it would seem the regime just doesn’t like challenges to its power.

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That’s exactly what happens to “Russian” FB accounts. They al where from USA soil … Still managed from outside.
But maybe you’re right, I just don’t trust Navalny (racist) and do not understand why this guy is so popular in western media. Probably supported by NED (i.e. Victorya Nuland).

Does disagreement with a person on a topic amount to a good reason to distrust them in general? What if you find out that Purism architects/visionaries hold political/religious etc. views you don’t stand?

Do you mean she promotes him in the media? Or supports him financially?

Yes, that’s what NED does: promoting disagreement at countries and instigate regime change. Already forgotten the coupe in Kiev or the troubles in Hongkong?

Me: tired of all this election bullshit, going to have some fun on Purism forum
Purism forum: “Russia forces Apple and Google to remove Navalny’s tactical voting recommendation app”
Me: …

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More analysis and reasons to doubt Apple’s assurances about the CSAM scanning:

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That right there is the real problem. Once the device manufacturer decides what you can and can’t run on “your” device, it is only a matter of time before someone outside the device manufacturer is also calling the shots.

This can’t even happen on an open platform - although no doubt some governments would give it a good shake (by blocking sites).

Ironically though, removing the app is outside meddling in Russia’s election. It just happens to favor the incumbent.

That isn’t really the point though.

If you don’t trust a candidate, or you think the candidate is racist, or you don’t understand why the candidate is popular (in the western media or wherever) … he still has the right to be a candidate and to campaign for election (and the right not to be eliminated via nerve agent).

Using “legal” means to prevent credible opposing candidates even from running is an early sign of a failing democracy. coughBurmacoughHong KongcoughRussiacough


politicians are proprietary and closed software and can’t be trusted… stop overproducing “leaders” and start being on the side of “the people”… in the long term point of view, if they are unhappy, they will take down whatever overhead has grown, regardless of branding… nature has a thing for taking down excess, but if you want to make a profit, keeping things forever growing, you will not like this!

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