Apps you want on the L5

What apps do you use on IOS or Android that you would like to see on the L5?

I will try to periodically update this OP with peoples responses. Hopefully this will inspire developers to develop equivalents.


desired IOS/Andriod Apps with No known L5 equivalent

Lifting log

HIIT timer


Just confirm app suport for Librem Tunnel?

Audiobook player:


Habit tracker:

Confirm working librem mail app?


h ttps://


Interval Flashcard app

Mind mapping app.

Cryptocurrency charting app.

Monero Wallet:


Desired IOS/Andriod Apps with known L5 equivalent

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From what I understand the L5 is actually supposed to be able to be used as a monero wallet and NFC is supposed to convert monero to USD in real time at payment processing stations at retailers .

Whether that is still on the table remains to be seen as a few expectations of the L5 have changed.

Other than that I couldnt think of anything from android Id like to see on the L5 .

Torque: An OBD2 bus monitor. Pull/clears error codes, allows users to create display screens and custom parameters. I use custom screens to replace/supplement my car’s dash gauges. (

aCar: A comprehensive log of fuel use, maintenance and all expenses pertaining to your vehicles. Extensive statistics and custom reports. Useful for maintenance and tax records. (

I paid for these to remove ads and add features. FOSS equivalents would be preferable.

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Without checking what might already exist:

  • web browser
  • email
  • camera with panorama function and QR code decode / optional open function
  • basic photo edit (rotate / crop) and integration with email / SMS
  • basic alarm clock / stopwatch / timer
  • calculator (preferably both basic and scientific)
  • basic file manager (for photos and other files)
  • flashlight
  • maps
  • battery monitor
  • basic calendar (diary)
  • find my car
  • lunar phase

In the build I saw the nextcloud client. I consider useful applications related to use as Notes and Task, as well as file and photo synchronization, calendar and contacts. I don’t know if Librem has already prepared them.
best regards

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What about youtube-dl ? Could there be any problem for running on the L5? I don’t watch my videos via or but download them. Would be cool to download them on my phone and my PC and then transfer them to my phone via USB.

thats a command line down loader , should work already nl?

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I would love a good ebook reader app. I have a pretty good collection of DRM-free e-books :slight_smile:

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Firefox! I want mah Firefox!


I’m assuming these are a definite yes. Their Librem One app suite has them specifically, and I tried them with my Android.

Their Librem Tunnel branded VPN let me connect with my own routers OpenVPN information.

Their Librem Mail branded eMail client is a fork of K-9 Mail, but as of now, you have to have a paid subscription to log in their branded version of K-9. At first, I assumed it was a generic client, but it can’t be run till an “ID” address with a paid subscription is authenticated.

Their Librem Chat branded messenger is a fork of the Riot software, but it’s included in the free subscription, so unlike eMail, you can log in and connect to the [matrix] Matrix.

My early Christmas present list of apps is:

  • Nextcloud base app for cloud file syncing, and somehow opening to edit LibreOffice files (and Microshaft files) through the magic of Collabora.
  • Nextcloud Talk app, which is a universal communicator including text with file sharing, voice-only like a phone but VoIP, or video chat, any of which can be one-to-one or group or join by link type scope.
  • Nextcloud’s Notes app.
  • NextcloudPasswords app for mobile.
  • Carnet mobile app for note-taking (audio, typed, photographs with RTF and reminders) which is an almost Google Keep replacement.
  • DAVx5 and ICSx5 contacts and calendar connectors if the base OS doesn’t allow remote connections like Ubuntu workstation does.
  • Nextcloud SMS app for synching normal text messages to the cloud or restoring to a new phone.
  • CloudBeats or equivalent app for playing remotely stored or locally mirrored audio files like audiobooks or music.
  • Libby app, a public library connector that allows the borrowing of books and/or audiobooks available through the authenticated public library(s).
  • RadioPublic app or equivalent for podcast management / download / playback.
  • OpenKeychain app or equivalent for managing OpenPGP eMail keys.
  • GPSLogger, Owntracks (or other) app for secure personal storage of device positioning over time.
  • OpenMaps type app for travel directions and advice. e.g. Waze, Google Maps, Apple something, Microshaft Get You Lost, etc. I see OpenStreetMap has driving directions as well as walking and bicycling.
  • Connectors to other VoIP services like MagicJack or NetTALK.
  • Social Media specialized handler apps. For me personally, I would like an ideal app for Friendica (Friendiqa app for Android comes close), because it’s the most comprehensive system in the Fediverse; long posts, BBCode, embedding content, Calendar for events, editing posts, great settings for sharing settings and reposting add-ons that will mirror a post to many other social media platforms.
  • News sites connectors to originating sources, AJ English, AP News, BBC News, etc. Maybe an RSS aggregator?
  • Event management apps for Eventbrite, Meetup, or other equivalents.
  • PayPal Here app for connecting a multi-read card device that takes chip dipping, swipe, or keyed in credit card numbers.
  • Weather reporting app like Weather Underground’s or the Dark Sky app.
  • FlightAware app which just reports on current status and position of air travel vessels.
  • Grammarly and SwiftKey Keyboard style functionality.
  • Translate app, preferably with the voice to text, and text to voice capabilities.
  • Some photo modification app with basic painting and layer management features.
  • WOT app or equivalent. Web of Trust gets the URL first then gives security advice about the site before loading the page.
  • Brave browser? Not sure if this is a dumb choice compared to the Firefox collection, but it seems like a non-surveillance version of the Chrome browser.

SnoopSnitch ( - software which detects IMSI catchers by getting a raw dump of the incoming messages from the cellular network (with an option to save them as a packet dump which you can read into Wireshark) and looking for oddities.

I’m going to try and write (something close to) this one myself. This program is the only reason I even have a smartphone. If I don’t have this, I may as well go back to my old Nokia phone which fits very easily inside my pocket, has a real keypad and with 10x the battery life.


Firefox and telegram. For telegram a version like the one in Foss store fdroid on android would be fine. Ubports also already has two ports of unofficial versions. The lack of Firefox is what made me stop using ubports and until it is confirmed I can’t put forth the cash for a librem 5.


reffering to the FAQ they are working on it but will probably not work on release :wink:

I don’t use PayPal (or the app) but it’s probably a proprietary “app”. So we must use the web version or some time.

Yes please! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Is it’s better than Firefox? Personally, I would say no but I think it’s not impossible to see it on the L5 :wink:

The fdroid app OSMand+ is a great GPS app that uttilizes open street map. Unfortunately in my area, Indianapolis it doesn’t have street numbers which makes it useless. I end up using Waze.


Rather see Firefox. There are too many chromium based browsers in the world.


TeXLive+Emacs(+auctex)+okular for desktop mode (convergence).

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Briar for secure messaging:



Connect directly with nearby contacts - no Internet access required

That’s sounds interesting. Never heard of Briar. I will have a look on it.


neovim or vim
pforth (or another forth, gforth would do but is overkill for my needs)