Are there hardware iterations inside a batch of Librem 5?

Hi! I am currious if all Librem 5 from a batch are the same or are there some improvements over time.
For example is an Evergreen shipped mid 2021 the same as Evergreen shipped March 2022?
At the end of the day Purism is constantly gaining insights on the product design and on the quality of the components. So maybe Purism is doing some minor improvements, or not?
Is there any chance to learn what has been improved over time?

Maybe this isn’t an official answer, but I remembered this post.


There were three hardware revisions shipped as “Evergreen” so far:

1.0.2 and 1.0.3 differ only with minor layout changes to ease production, schematics are the same. Subrevisions that append “.1” at the end ( and denote devices that include improvements for GPS sensitivity (it’s just a component placement change, the PCBs are the same as versions with no .1 at the end, so that change could be done mid-production). is the currently shipping version. It has some changes around antennas to accommodate for changes in the casing (IIRC L5USA is still based on because it’s currently still using slightly older cases). It also has a change for DP AUX signals that could potentially improve compatibility with some USB-C peripherals. There are also some changes regarding used components, but those are functionally equivalent.

For the record, 1.0.6 is the revision that went through FCC certification process.


@dos but to be clear here the GNSS improvement on it not meaning that GNSS does not working right? because i seeing peoples worried for.
I got a but i still not doing a g.n.s.s comparison of sensitivities.

As said above, “.1” means that there are GNSS improvements included, so has them as well.

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I got it now. Thank you dos.

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Is the revision number somehow visible with a shell command reading it from somewhere?

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I don’t think so. The revision number is for sure listed on PCB silkscreen.