Ask me any app - I will show it

Hi all,

I just downloaded yesterday the librem 5 image again and ran it with qemu-kvm. As we don’t get the daily videos of librem 5 anymore I thought clicking in it myself a bit, as I wanted to know some programs in the past (like games if they run). Maybe you have the same desire. That’s why I thought I make this post.

Here’s the offer, just post the App you want to see on a Librem 5 and I will install it in the qemu machine and make a screenshot or video. Best would be to tell me the package from apt, so that I don’t have to search.

You can ask any program, you could also ask me to show a special feature of that program which you currently use on your desktop.

Important: I won’t search for similar programs you use on e.g. android, windows or apple os - you have to name me a valid program for debian / pureos. :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: Only because something works in my qemu machine, it doesn’t mean it will work for you on the mobile or the other way round as my qemu machine uses x86_64!

Kind regards

qemu img from 11.08.2019 14:16:05
Stellarium / Stellarium web:
torbrowser-launcher (could not install):
Caja (and Gnome Chess as an extra):
Youtube (and 360° Video):
keepassx / keepassxc:
nextcloud native via gnome (syncs calendar, contacts, documents, files):
Onboard (responsive test):
PureMaps (see below with wayland option!):
PureMaps with wayland:


Please test the pkg “stellarium”. Thanks

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If you have time i whould like to see chatty and fractal, their settings and then running with some chat, the first using an xmpp and matrix server i’m curious to see the UI and how can you understand what protocol and account are you using, because i never used one app to manage more protocols and accounts, then fractal ofc with matrix


I uploaded chatty and stellarium. I will test fractal later. It needs to be installed via flathub as there is no debian package for fractal yet. I will do that soon and then upload the video.


This is a good way to pass the time waiting, thanks.

Some different apps (I was trying to get variety but also see some limits hit):


I would be curious to know which of these ebook readers work best in the Librem 5.
It seems that we will never have a decent text-to-speech engine in Linux. I have already resigned myself to using a proprietary service online to convert my epub files to mp3, since its sound quality is so much better than TTS in Linux.

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Does anyone know how to add new apps to the drawer or onto the desktop?

Anyone tested an Email app like tiny mail until now?


I’d also like to see Fractal.

Gnome calendar would also be nice.


I remember testing out the Fractal nightly many months ago on the qemu image. It worked great then!

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Max, thanks for this. I watched the video about the stellarium running on the qemu (i.e. not the web version) quite a few times… Does it mean that it crashes? Could you please gather the console output as text and post it here or send it to me (guru(at) in private mail. Thanks again.

How bad is OpenCPN on it? A nautical chartplotting software. I know it works on a Raspberry Pi.

Thank you very much ! I suggest (if you have time of course and if you don’t mind) :

  • Nextcloud client
  • Feedreader
  • Pure Maps (its a flatpak app)

Is it however relevant to test it as you say well that arm and x86 are totally different architectures ? Thank you for your feedback.

I added the requested apps to the initial link. Fractal is there too now. I am not sure if I will have time tomorrow to add more videos, I will defenitely not have time thursday and friday - so maybe I will continue on the weekend. I will work through the apps from top to bottom :slight_smile: so fcfs.

Hope you are enjoing the videos - Don’t get this too negative, what you can see is that the apps work and those optimized for mobile work very well. Those not optimized run and are or somehow usable or will be working when connected to a monitor (convergence) I guess.


Yes :slight_smile: Even Blender! Thanks!
Couple of questions:

  • Was OnBoard responsive (video didn’t show writing with it) and could it be resized?
  • Could you re-try desktop browsing with FF (as in, non-optimised browser with all the bells and whistles)? fcfs obviously

May you try Visual Studio Code and Telegram Desktop ?

Can you try Calibre? If that works “out of the box” it would be awesome.

Can you please try, this is a great comms app for all my devices, if it could work on my new L5 when it arrives i’ll be over the moon :grinning:

How about regular Firefox, not tor.


I would like to know if the password managers KeePassX (package “keepassx”) and KeePassXC (package “keepassxc”) are working. Not to be mixed up with Keepass which is based on .Net as far as I know and would need to install mono on linux, which feel wrong to me.

The Linux version of KeePassX (in contrast to it’s Windows version) has build in AutoType which can be triggered with Ctrl + V. So you can put the curser in the browser or whatever into the username field of a login formular, switch to KeePassX, select the account, press the shortcut.

KeePassX will minimize itself can input your login credentials automatically. Really nice. Makes it handy to use 40 character 100% (pseudo)-random passwords.

Thanks in advance.

Another one. I am not up to date about porting the Signal messenger to Librem 5. Another approach could be to use Signal desktop. It runs fine on my Linux laptop, even if I don’t like those web-based local software.

curl -s | sudo apt-key add -
echo "deb [arch=amd64] xenial main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/signal-xenial.list
sudo apt update && sudo apt install signal-desktop

P.S. Oh, I see there is “[arch=amd64]” so I guess it doesn’t work this way. I don’t know it could simply be substituted with “[arch=arm]” or something similar or if the whole build must be reproduced for the Librem 5’s architecture.