Audiophile question

a quick update. i’ve done a quick test with my new ifi products (cable+purifier+amp/dac) but my iems seem to be a bottleneck in my test (i assume not sensitive enough). with my current setup it (the cable SEEMS to make a difference-ish but … for those of you who are reluctant (for a good reason probably - the cable is too expensive for the marginal difference it offers-ish) you could try the i-purifier from ifi the usb A-female variant - the one i have - comes with both micro-usb to usb A-male and usb C to usb A-male adapters so it will work for the Librem 5 also. i’ll update again (in a few years) when i upgrade my iems.

test source - “the chain” by Fleetwood Mac < FLAC from original CD (44khz @ ~1mbs)

I agree the DAC of the phone is an important consideration. The other one is if this will be able to amplify well enough to drive some decent headphones. In the end if I need external solutions for this I am not that discouraged by it.

I’d love to see an integrated Schiit DAC, as they’re all already Linux native, but the worst case you could pick up one of their amp/DAC combos and use it.

from what i’ve seen most external AMP/DACs have better support under the Linux kernel than they do under macOS or windows10. not sure how the libre-linux kernel handles the closed-firmware but the more blob-tolerant linux handles it like a champ. so excited to test with the L5 once it’s in my hands.

You know, that would be fantastic! Listening to a Vali/Modi as I type…

just bumping and linking to the final specs

Curious to know what make the final specs different from the selected Wolfson DAC.

Personally I have never expected a phone to be a good replacement for my portable rig. I do appreciate Purism decision to include a decent DAC though. In an ideal world there would be a phone dedicated to audiophiles.

LG does a good job with V series. Especially w V10 and V20. But, yeah definitely not powerful enough.

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What will you be using for audio playback on PureOS? Foobar2000 (Snapcraft)?

any (well FOSS ofc) audio player that has a decent GUI and supports FLAC or other uncompressed formats. i like listening to sound in lossless quality if possible. the L5 supports up to 2 TB microSD cards so that’s not a problem.


probaby just that lollypop . I like that it has an oboard 10 band equalizer . I just hope it has a hierarchical folder view for my 100gig music collection .


Lollypop looks nice, a GUI oriented player capable of playing .FLAC.

Any playback through kernel streaming, supporting .FLAC and .WAV? Most of my album files are 24/96 and up. Would be nice to have Foobar2000 and its mobile web server version on PureOS or any other recommended players capable of doing that

Lollypop too :grinning:
Works really great on my Fedora 30 connected to my NAS

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I like clementine but I dont think itd work great on a 5.7" screen

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Thank you for that, I had never seen clementine before.

I run clementine on all my laptops on my xfce ubuntu studio releases . Its great . My favorite linux music player .

It too has equalizer , visualizations . It even has rain storm ambient sound or "make it so " space travel sound as an extra you can play perpetually . Sometimes i play the rain/thunder while I browse the internet.

Although I must say where I live I havent needed it lately . We’re getting damn 3 inches of rain per day

We must be neighbours then :grin:

Will dig deeper in Clementine. Not sure how it will handle my HD library. Have you ever considered using Snapcraft Foobar2000 ?

Clementine plays my .flac s . Nope never tried it . Ill go install it and check it out .

Why did wine initiate ? Is this not a Linux app ?? :scream_cat:

Wine opens your nix distro to possible infection due to the compatibility layer . No good .

guys please open another thread for app testing and whatnot - in here it get’s spammy too quickly - you can link to here if you want