Batch Fir (Version 2) of Librem 5


So what does that mean? Can revised cases not change dimensions?


It could. But why? Channing alot would mean incompatibility with old parts and more R&D cost for what to gain? I would only see major changes in design coming i there are major issues with the v1 design coming up in 2020 which haven’t been foreseen now. The Librem13/15 case haven’t changed much either.

Only reason i can think of why there could be a major revision would be that they decided to have nfc and quick charge and know they have to drop metal casing in the future but it’s to late for v1 so they planing already for the change. Or the additional time needed for a slimmer design.

But i think this i over interpretation of this. I think it’s them just saying, for that version we might change things as there was enough time to find the areas which could be improved and we might have the time to address them. It’s just that no one is upset that there is a new improved version so close after the first.

It’s the transparency they give on the fact the L5 will be constantly improved and the later you by the more improvements you get.