Battery drain while suspended


I believe I’ve found the problem. At boot pureOS attempts to start a service called pureos-power-optimisations this fails with exit code 203. This means that the directory where it thinks the program is stored is not there. Specifically it tries /usr/lib/pureos-power-optimisations/apply if we check this we do indeed find that there is no such thing. However there is a /usr/lib/purism-power-optimisations/purism-power-optimisations . so this will be an easy fix.
Make your way to the terminal and…

before you start check if you have this issue

systemctl status purism-power-optimisations.service

if that returns with a failed, then continue, if not (wich would be an big green active) then ignore this

sudo nano /lib/systemd/system/purism-power-optimisations.service

If you want make a note of everything on the screen in case you press the wrong key.
Find the line that starts with ExecStart and make sure it reads (edit if necessary)


Then ctrl+x and y to save and exit
Then type

systemctl daemon-reload

Followed by

systemctl start purism-power-optimisations.service 

If this doesn’t work post

systemctl status purism-power-optimisations.service 


P.S sorry if this suggestions already been made but recently used this to solve the issue on my librem 13 v2


I’m seeing the same drain as @mpc both before and after.


@tasty the RAM swap seems to have totally solved my drain-while-suspended issues. I don’t see a file at /lib/systemd/system/purism-power-optimisations , nor do I have the service running. This is on a 15v3. I wonder what’s up


Mmm What files are in /lib/systemd/system
Also look through sudo nano /var/log/boot.log for power optimisation errors


@tasty that is very interesting :slight_smile: You have a small typo, please edit and add .service to the sudo line. (That’s @mpc’s problem.

For completeness’ sake:

I’m wondering if this quick fix is all, or if there’s more to do. Waiting for comments on the issue there.

Also, as a side-note: I think I lose like <20% of battery per day on standby. That is surely not the same thing that people with certain RAM experience. I guess it’s two distinct issues.


Ok fixed the typo thx @Caliga

I also reckon its two distinct issues, as a note my laptop also gets quite hot. Am going to investigate further. although I reckon the reason that the battery was draining when the lid closes was that ‘suspend’ wasn’t actually working like it should but its possible the ram was keeping the processor awake doing crap, maybe check cpu wakes in power statistics


so power statistics is broken :frowning:

and on that note does anyone know of a tool to check what wakes a cpu/see long term resource usage stats


@tasty Perhaps powertop can deliver some statistics