Birch batch shipping size is ~100


Contradiction right here. Also, fits niceley with what I said in my “adhom”.


Not even close. 2 different things. Nice character assassination attempt. Calling me a commie to hide the truth


EDIT: The content removed is not accurate according to my current information, sorry for the stir up


Purism is at stage, where killing the leader kills the company. so not two different things. Also, depriving one of income (“step down”) is not much different then outright killing.


Flag my post which wasn’t against the forum rules but this certainly is.


That’s not a given. The ExCTO would be a great fit.


Do you think that maybe, perhaps, they possibly became friends through previous business dealings (again, Purism had been making computers for years)? Just perhaps, it is a possibility, yes?


Yes, but that didn’t seem to be the case in the phoronix interview. Don’t quote me on this but I think it said they were friends b4.


And on such “sound” foundation you demand Todd to step down? Seriously?

OK, enough on this from me, at least for today. Have your last word, if you must.


I’m going to desist too. Y’know I’ve only communicated with @mstdnuser a few times but they’re a pretty cool kid in my opinion. Personally it’s bed time for me, but maybe everyone just call a ceasefire on this topic until, say 18:00 today?


What were some of the biggest issues being the “under-dog” organization in the competitive laptop/hardware space?

Not having leverage in China. Quantities matter there and getting only dozen or couple of hundred orders per month doesn’t really help. That said, the Librems are heavily overpriced but that is because Purism seemingly never tried to get better deal and the South San Francisco partner abused this so that is why Purism Librems are double the price they should be. I believe that if we had more realistic prices, it would be much better for Purism not only financially but also more talking about it, more of it in wild which in turn means much more orders, more happy customers etc. The innovation is not really that hard in this space because big players don’t try to really innovate as they have strong positions, so it wouldn’t be that hard to be good or better then most of big players even, but quantity leverage is hard to pass by.

IMO Todd will destroy the company. I’ll edit my post to make it reflect the current information I can cite.


Interesting discussion but ultimately fruitless. Why?

Because as far as I know, Todd owns 100% of the shares of Purism. Without Todd there is no Purism. It is impossible to fire him or to kick him out. I wish it were possible, but short of Todd himself deciding to step back, it ain’t gonna happen.

This is all academic anyway. If Birch phones don’t ship within the next 36 hours or if they do ship and end up being absolutely terrible, Purism is going to start experiencing real problems. The mainstream tech media (e.g. Arstechnica) has started to pick up the scent of a real floater here. Sooner or later the bad publicity is going to explode and short of real progress Purism won’t be able to stop it.

Once that happens pre-order revenue will bottom out and a few weeks or months later, that will be the end.


In the ex-CTO’s opinion, rather. You have yet to present an original idea here, everything you’ve said came straight from his responses in that interview.


That’s fair, however that’s also credible though. Like nothing i said was original. But it didn’t have to be.


What the hell, do you think this is the right place to utter your odd political views?


A commie? Come on. This has taken it to ridiculous levels. The vitriol directed at the OP is also getting tedious but this equating of opinion to ideology is too much. Back off.


Wait, didn’t you leave?

EDIT: yes, you apparently did.

How come you’re still around slinging vitriol?


Hmm, while this certainly is in the range of possibilities, I find this rather unlikely.

(not the additional shipping delay)

For starters I don’t think there are that many pre-orders anyway beside the initial crowd fund campaign. Else I would have expected a much much bigger outcry from the Q3-lie.
And second, I can’t believe they were that delusional to risk their whole running and functional business on this extremely challenging borderline-insane endeavor. I rather believe they fully knew their initial deadline was ludicrous and I can imagine that evergreen release will be even much farther in the future. But I don’t think he played it this stupid to have no buffer to protect his whole business.
So unless they managed to move the “Librem 5” into it’s own company entity that they can bankrupt without affecting the main company, I guess their main business will, if necessary, slowly feed this project until all backers have at least “something”.

Only thing I could imagine would be, that they stop the option for initial backers to get their money back, in case too many request a refund. But the only strange thing here would be that they even had this option in the first place. As normally being a backer means “no refunds”.


Hmm, just checked and read the most recent article on arstechnica. I can not see what you mean, from merely reading it. But I found two interesting points in there.

  1. He calls them prototypes himself.

  2. Seems like every batch until evergreen hast to be small by law. Anyone who knows how small? I fear this means the vast majority will have to wait for evergreen.

  1. 5000 seems to support my feeling that there were not many pre-orders. I think the initial campaign went up to something about 4000

  2. I can not bring myself to believe he did lie to the press, about them receiving the Birch batch. This would be suicide. So maybe it is usable after all and we will soon see some actual reviews.


He’s been lying prolifically for quite awhile. Purism’s story about Aspen being shipped to backers off the production line was posted on a number of tech news sites, Arstechnica included. We know now that this was a complete and utter lie. That 5,000 phone number? It was 50,000 less than two months ago. Todd specifically made the claim in a YouTube video with the Linux Gamer in which he went to his house in Maine and allowed him to toy with his two Librem 5s.

EDIT: Of course some guy who got a pre-shipment email a few weeks back is now posting on reddit in /r/purism that he got a shipment confirmation email and that he’ll have the phone tomorrow. Guess we’ll finally see just how usable the phone is now, won’t we?