Birch batch shipping size is ~100


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That’s big talk for someone who made multiple assurances to everyone here that he would leave as soon as he got a refund. Why are you so obsessed with Purism that you post here, on Reddit, and on your personal blog non-stop? Do you really have nothing better to do? Do you not have a job that takes up at least part of your day? You’ve violated the rules here multiple times and I’m honestly surprised you’re not banned yet.


But wouldn’t you agree, that telling journalists, they will get a device soon and not following through, would be on a completely new level and outright suicide?

I mean, every project has angry customers one way or the other. But pissing of journalists directly? Instadeath!


That omits where he said something along the lines about responding when being tagged. While a reply/quote isn’t a direct tag it is someone talking to/about him so I see no reason he shouldn’t show up when that happens.

As such if you don’t want him here don’t talk about/respond to/quote him; he’ll go away faster that way (not that I care one way or the other just pointing out how that works).

This I don’t completely agree with, and there are others who have “violated” the guidelines in more severe ways that are still here as Purism, so far, appears to take the view that free speech should be allowed and instead of silencing an individual they lock a topic to give people time to cool down and either move on or come back with clearer heads.

From what I’ve seen the majority of people’s issue with Jay is the way he communicates rather than the what.

Generally my view is if the way someone communicates bothers you, either have that conversation one on one to find a common ground or don’t engage. This is not a directive, just a sharing of my personal viewpoint.


I love how I’m called out for lying about quitting this forum, which is fair. Yet all of you repeatedly refuse to call out Purism on easily provable lies.

If Purism wants me gone, ban me already.


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That’s all well and good until he goes back on his word there too:

I’d argue he’s done more than s3ns0r did. My issue is not with valid criticism of Purism. I was very vocal about the cop-out of shipping in batches being a third missed shipping deadline. My issue is with people spreading FUD with false information.


Credit where credit is due. @Dwaff desisted like 6 hours ago :slight_smile:

The guard who works at the building next to me is a New Canadian and is pretty communist. I get where he’s coming from. Yeah, if @mstdnuser wasn’t aware, that’s the perspective that was being presented by their writings. That being said, I have a friend I’ve known for years who outright proudly identifies as a communist (because her son turned 18 and all of a sudden all autism support was ripped away and she sees a better way). As a low income earner myself (40 + hours a week for below poverty wages), I see the fairness appeal…not gonna lie; Capitalism works against me. Anyhow, not so sure “communist” was meant as a bad thing here. Though in a capitalist company forums, the venue we’re in, I do see the issue.


Well, they are pros, they know PR stunts in and out, expectations were limited, so from their point of view, this was not that much of a surprise or especially newsworthy. But now they are told, they will get something. This is getting personal. If this really were a lie as well… but I repeat myself.


Uhm… ok… I might be wrong, but I think the term “commie” alone is already degrading.


I think that’s only a USA thing. I could be wrong, but I don’t think @Dwaff meant it as an insult, maybe a caution, but not like a dismissive insult. Anyhow, I’m not psychic and I’m only speculating, but that’s my take on what I saw.


Read the post @Dwaff made. Context clues will tell you that he clearly meant it as a slander.


It is hard enough convincing ordinary users (think family and friends) to use free and open source software when Microsoft, Apple and Google have ingratiated themselves into all aspects of our private life and business affairs. In their business model, we are their product and they give us very powerful, reliable and useful tools (iPhone, Facebook, Google services) in exchange for spying on our every word, action and thought to sell on to the advertising sector and others. Their products are addictive, hence the alternatives that respect freedom need to be compelling and just as easy to use.

The problem is that it’s hard to develop and maintain FOSS alternatives in this precarious world that will be adopted by users who neither understand computers or the freedoms they loose.

Ordinary users who might be interested in the freedoms and privacy the Librem 5 that is meant to help protect would be put off by a) the delays and b) FUD around the project. These problems are not due to external malicious forces, but Purism itself poorly communicating problems at best or mismanaging the project at worse.

Much of the insults flying around here are off putting to ordinary people and unhelpful for the cause of protecting users freedom and privacy. However, it is bound to happen with such an important product that is not having an easy birth.

Our brothers and sisters who are ensnared by their iPhone and Google spybricks will look at us as fools due to the delays, problems and childish behaviour of some. Purism’s conduct may hurt their own reputation, but it also bleeds into the free-software / open-hardware movements too. Normal users will laugh at us waiting for our GNU/Linux FOSS open hardware phone … in 2020, 2021, 2022… that overheats. :wink:

It could and should have been so much better than this situation.

In the end we loose both our freedoms and dignity.

We collectively need to ask Purism for clarity on what is happening. They have lost a lot of goodwill over the past few months. If they had said up front (say in June) that the phone won’t be ready until Q2 2020….most of us would be cool with that. Saving many pages of heated debate here and elsewhere.

Lets hope it works out well, but hope does not fix problems.


All that said, tomorrow some Birch users are supposed to have their phones.


I’ve seen people are getting tracking numbers and pics of their phones!! :smiley:

Yup, this is now stuck in my head…

(yeah, I just posted Dora the Explorer…she’s way cool :))