Blog Post: Librem 5 Evergreen Update: Mold and Milestones

In our last Librem 5 update post, we discussed a number of the changes in our Librem 5 “Dogwood” batch as compared with previous batches. Dogwood was our last “small batch” in preparation for Evergreen, our highly-anticipated mass-produced Librem 5 batch. Dogwood was incredibly important as it gave us one of our last opportunities to identify any flaws and fix them before mass-production. It also was the first batch to feature a flipped CPU which we found did improve heat dissipation. As a result we spent much more time in the testing process for Dogwood than we did in the Chestnut batch.

Opening the Mold

While many parts of Evergreen could be worked on in parallel, there were a number of final steps that were blocked until we were absolutely sure that certain aspects of the Librem 5 were settled. One of the most important of these we are ready to announce: we have opened the mold for the Librem 5 .

Read the full post including announcements about changes in the case and shipping updates here:


so Evergreen is going to be 3mm thicker than dogwood ?

No, not thicker, 3mm longer. You can see the difference in the bottom bezel in the close-up picture in the post.


i have my glasses on but for the life of me i can’t make that distinction from where i’m sitting … maybe it’s the chicken’s blindness acting up again … :sweat_smile:

Look at the bottom where the screen protector ends. I’ll update the post to make it completely clear we are extending the length and not the thickness.


that’s probably because i’m used to comparing ISOMETRIC TOP>DOWN drawings. 3 point perspective always leaves me scratching my head :slight_smile:

It took me looking at that picture about 10x before I saw it, and I knew at the time what I was supposed to be looking at :slight_smile:

ah ! ok so it’s because of these 3 mm extra in length you guys might be able to fit a larger battery. i interpreted as 3mm thicker would have given even more battery capacity (but i know some people want a phone to be as thin as possible)

i hope people are over the whole iPhone antenna notches issue or this is gonna’ turn into another thread about that …

A better antenna is definitely worth an extra 3mm if you ask me. Thank you for this update!
Are you able to tell if there will be a weight difference between Chesnut, Dogwood (due to battery cover being added), and now Evergreen?


I can imagine extending a case by 3mm of material would certainly cause it to weigh more than identical hardware with a smaller case. By how much I couldn’t say at this point. Also if we are able to increase battery capacity, I imagine that would increase weight by some amount as higher capacity batteries weigh more than lower capacity ones.


Thank you for the update! Looking forward to an early Christmas treat!

One random question…will that extra 3mm of length materially affect the L5’s thermal characteristics, since there’s a bit of an interior volume increase?


I’m not an expert, but I wouldn’t expect it to.

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i am very very happy. i will have my phone for christmas !!! the best gift for me!!
Thanks for your work to the whole team of the company. (a small step for a company - and so small it’s not - a big step for Linux)


Hi Kyle,
Now that we have a loose time frame for when Evergreen might ship, do you have a rough estimate yet until how long it might be before the Librem 5 would start being shipped without it being a pre-order (shipping right after the order is placed, with no delays)? I am starting to think about ordering them for family members already.

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This is good news but I’m still going to be little bit skeptical about the deadline at least until en of October.

@Kyle_Rankin, when do you think it would be possible to update and confirm the exact measurements of the phone for those planning to make a case for it?

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Last February they explained that it takes six months for shipping all pre-orders, so adding six months to mid-to-late November 2020 you get mid-to-late May 2021:

You should add also pre-orders during the extended period for pre-orders, but I have not an estimate, anyway, you should get something around June 2021.


Hi thanks for the update. Now I’m happy to have a official date, after waiting for so long.
But I can remind another post:
"Librem 5 can’t come too late, it can only come too early (which meant that if it comes to early with too many issues the idea of a free, linux-based telephone would be destroyed …)

Please send my phone in Nov. 2020 to Germany and I’m confident to have Linux on my computer and on my phone !


if i get mine by end-December it wouldn’t be bad at all …


So, are there any up to date and official cad files available now?

Will the cameras be working?