News for Dogwood?

I (to my stunned surprise) seem to be in Dogwood, at least according to the email I got; I’m debating actually holding off until Evergreen (figuring more issues can get sorted that way).

I’m also contemplating switching to the USA phone even though it costs a bundle more.


At this point if it was offered to me I would definitely hold out till evergreen, the us model; no way


I, however, look forward to the mail for dogwood :anguished:

To be clear, the e-mail that told me I was in Dogwood was the one they sent to everyone telling them what their expected batch was (obviously it could change)

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any updates on when dogwood releases?

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During Librem 5 BOF at Fosdem @nicole.faerber announced:

  1. Dogwood will start shipping at the end of March

  2. Evergreen will start shipping in July

  3. Evergreen pre-orders will all be shipped till the end of the year, after then, new orders will be shipped in two weeks

This announcement was nine days ago, with Coronavirus delaying Chinese industry I expect additional shipping delays.
So Fir batch should start next year.
In this BOF there were participating also some developers of Purism, their goal is to solve Librem 5 main issues like battery quick discharge and heat dissipation for Evergreen, I do not know if they will already succeed for Dogwood. In the room they passed a Librem 5 to participants, I touched it after 15 minutes and it was already hot, even Nicole is not yet using it as her main phone, she still uses her Cosmo Communicator as her daily drive.


Damn! That Cosmo coulda been a contenda! …if it had kill switches and disabled blobs.

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This is not a surprise since the previous batches were sent at the end of the window.

4 more months :confounded:
I think I will change my choice to batch Fir…

When they start shipping Fir will they stop shipping evergreen do you know ?

Because if so, in reality Fir is the Final batch, Evergreen is just a batch they’re confident enough in to roll out en mass.

I would like to be able to still purchase an Evergreen once Fir is released, hopefully at a more affordable price. :slight_smile:

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I like that idea, but there won’t be enough difference between them to justify it being a seperate entity. Marginally better power consumption and smaller CPU are good things, but that’s all that’s expected to change as of now I think. Cost to build the phone isn’t significantly (or at all) cheaper. They need more costumers before they can lower their prices because they have to make the investment back.


With respect to Dogwood, our goal to start shipping hasn’t changed (Q1) but we also haven’t yet gotten firm information from suppliers on what specific delays we might see due to the Coronavirus. We know that the crisis has already delayed when people would return to work from Chinese New Year, and we are in regular communication with our supply chain but due to the unique nature of this crisis timed alongside Chinese New Year everyone is currently trying to calculate the impact as people return to work.

Since we haven’t gotten any firm timelines yet, I don’t want to speculate much about delays. Like always, we will continue to work and push to hit our deadlines. When we know something for sure, we’ll be sure to let everyone know via an official update.


Thank you for the update, Kyle.
Also, please be safe with your decisions.
Best regards.


I value the health and humane treatment of fellow human beings more than any phone; Please take the time to take care :slight_smile:


I do not know, they did not explain, I guess it depends also on if using the new CPU for Fir will need long debugging, so you could choose the old and optimized CPU or the new and not yet optimized one (do you remember the bugs concerning the move from an i.MX 6 to i.MX 8M platform?).


This x1000 an injury to one is an injury to all.

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Additional information on shipping in regards of 2019-nCov


Just to update this, we finally got specific information about the delay and published an official update:


Thanks Kyle, the news is very important. And thanks also for the information and articles you publish on hardware and software advancement (in particular on energy saving) as I would like to use the phone every day.


My brother who lives in Taiwan sent me this email about his experiences with the Coronavirus:

Meanwhile, we are nervously watching the coronavirus epidemic unfold.
I went to the emergency room on the first day the hospitals reopened
after the lunar new year holiday, during which news of the outbreak
hit the media. Everyone was pretty freaked out. It isn’t actually a
bad time to go to the hospital since right now most people want to
avoid hospitals as much as possible. Taiwan hasn’t actually had many
cases (we are currently at 18 cases), which is something of a miracle
considering how much travel there was between Taiwan and China. The
government has taken quick and forceful steps to control the disease,
and it seems to be working pretty well. Right now, I’m more worried
about Japan (which has recently found a few very unexpected cases)
than Taiwan. If Japan loses control, that would be very, very bad.

In China, they have completely lost control of the disease. The
international media still doesn’t seem to grasp the extent or
implications of the outbreak. The virus is spreading in every major
city. The regime now has a choice of shutting down the economy for at
least three months or letting the disease spread uncontrolled. They
have so far chosen the former path, and this is undoubtedly the
correct choice. However, this only slows down the disease; it doesn’t
solve the problem. We are nowhere near the peak; this virus is too
widespread and stealthy/virile to be stopped by anything short of warm
weather and/or vaccines, both of which are several months away.
Incredibly, the government seems to want to try to open some
factories, which would put China on the total infection path. It seems
inevitable now that most or all of China will eventually come under
martial law, the regime will have to shoot some protesters, and there
will be (potentially regime-threatening) fiscal crises. Oh and there
will also be a humanitarian disaster, with a final death toll
somewhere between the hundreds of thousands and tens of millions. In
fact, it’s unfolding even faster than I expected; Xi Jinping just sent
some loyal army units into Hubei Province, where there are rumors of
riots. In short, history is happening. There is no precedent for this
outbreak in modern world history. We have had plagues before, but no
one understood what was happening. It was God’s will. Now we
understand how viruses work, and we can clearly see how the Chinese
government has utterly failed at a basic task of modern governance.
Also, this sort of outbreak has never happened in such a rich country
with such a strong state and so interconnected with the rest of the
world. I don’t know how this will end, but China will not be the same
a year from now. And if this disease escapes China’s borders, other
countries might be similarly tested.

Based on the delays announced at Purism, this seems to confirm that all the Chinese factories will be shut down for 3 months. What seems strange to me is that warm weather will kill the virus. Usually warmer weather lets diseases spread.

I’m guessing that none of the Chinese companies that do assembly in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Brazil and Ethiopia will be able to run their factories if they can’t get parts out of China.

Considering that Samsung and LG are the two phone makers that have the fewest operations in China, I wonder if they will benefit from this crisis, or they also have too many parts coming from China, so their factories in Vietnam will have to also shut down.
Samsung announced last year that it was shutting down its last Chinese factory and would be outsourcing the design and manufacturing of 60 million of its phones per year to Chinese ODMs. I wonder if Samsung is now regretting that decision to outsource to Chinese ODMs like Wingtech.


I am absolutely no expert on this, but I have read that when the weather is cold people spend more time indoors in each others’ company and it is this that increases human-to-human transmission rates.

I’m quite happy to be corrected by anyone who has expertise in this area.

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