Bluetooth stuttering

Definitely, the stuttering has been much less or even absent lately.
I did experience a slow stutter, though: couple of seconds of sound, couple seconds of silence.
Happened yesterday.It didn’t go away.Today it happened again, but just briefly. Maybe it was a one-off. Hope so.

The faster WiFi speed makes the SparkLAN card worth it. Unfortunately for me the Bluetooth is still too unreliable for me to really use it for audio. It works well with my Logitech bluetooth mouse though


Thanks for the feedback. Makes one (re)think about buying the new SparkLAN card… from Europe in my case, so I’m really trying to think this through. :thinking:

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@dos @angus.ainslie any news for the Redpine driver v2.5?

I tested my BT LDAC headphone with Librem 5 and the streaming worked very good like not stutering. Modem HKS was OFF.

  • Linux 6.2
  • WLAN was ON and browsing on Epiphany.
  • WPAN was ON and streaming to Slave.


I saw massive CPU by APT-CHECKER, also high cpu on Inactive Mode than Active Mode

You mean VAT and shipping costs make it very costly? I’m also from Europe (The Netherlands to be exact), and have the same problem. If I’m going to buy the SparkLAN card, I will probably just buy it locally (which is way cheaper) and then donate the difference to Purism. Seems like a win-win. Unfortunately, can’t do that if I want an additional Librem 5 battery :grimacing:

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Thanks for raising this issue @lakei.

On the Purism shop, it says regulation does not allow shipping of batteries without a computer outside the US. But does a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip count as a “computer” or a computer part ?

Would an order containing only the SparkLAN chip and an additional battery be accepted ?

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Can’t answer that one, but support knows. FWIW, I’ve asked support when I looked into ordering the lapdock bundle + spare battery. They told me they’d have no problem shipping that. (But again, shipping was almost $100, which seems prohibitive for something that’s around $300 [excluding VAT I’d have to pay at customs].)

Still no changes from silabs

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That slow bt-stutter is still happening (with bt 5.2 speakers): five seconds of sounds, five seconds of silence.
Not good.
Don’t know what happened there. Now the older speaker that gave me problems earlier, does not have a stutter at all.

Thank you AngusAinslie.

@dos can you make noise too in the link to push Silabs to fix this?

  • Redpine Module it is a piece of gold to gnu os in the sense that it is the unique module combo to perform wlan and wpan together Libremente.
    special thanks to Purism for make this possible.

TRACKED by Purism, fixes on the ways. So cool Purism

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I was hoping the latest modem manager update fix that but wifi still needs to be OFF, for high fidelity bluetooth connection via bluetooth, and 4G, or from internal storage the stuttering occurs only initially say first 20 seconds after which it seems to settle and stream fine for me. With Sparklan. With wifi on stuttering immediatelly resumes at about 25second intervals matching the WIFI connections attempts roughtly (even when WIFI is not connected just on).

Connection to bluetooth seems to work, though also you sometimes have to forget the device and repair. This maybe necessary every time there is an update?

I havent managed to discern a correlation with the wifi being on or off, when it comes to the bt-performance. Sometimes there is a slow stutter, sometimes a faster one, more often than not it works perfectly fine. In all cases my wifi is switched on - I hardly ever switch it off, and if I do stutter-free bt is not guaranteed.
The weird thing is, that it also seems to be unrelated to the speaker or receiver I try to stream the music to as well. My old Windows phone always struggled with connecting to one particular device, while working fine on (almost all) others (excluding the car stereo, with which it never connected except for calls and contact info). The L5 works well with all devices except when it doesn’t. It is impossible to predict when things work as they should or when they will not.

Yesterday in the car, I had a different experience.
I had the L5 connected to the car stereo. Obviously not via bluetooth, because that still does not work at all, but via a 3.5mm jack cable. I was playing music through Spot. My wifi/bt modem was (kill) switched off.
The music played fine for a minute or two (as it had done on earlier ocassions), then it stopped entirely. No stutter, just silence. There was nothing wrong with the cable. A three bar4G connection was indicated.
Esrlier the same thing happened when I tried to listen to internet radio via the Tuner app.
Restarting everything did not improve things. The music kept going silent after a few seconds.When I restarted again and switched to playing music from my sd-card everything worked well. Don’t know what happened there.

Edit: I all of a sudden remember the music also going silent when I tried to play an album from the sd-card. This was after the online music cutting out, and before I restarted the phone.

Hmm. Just did a quick test. It appears to be a problem with my dataconnection. A 4G connection is indicated, but no data comes in (no music, no rss feeds, no websites).
It workes again after a reboot. Hope it was a temporary problem

One more bluetooth glitch I noticed lately: nothing connects automatically anymore when I switch on bluetooth. I have to go to the bluetooth settings and connect every device manually. This was not the case in the past.

My current experience with the bluetooth is that it does seem random when it works or not. When it is in a “bad mood” for lack of a better term, the only way it functions without stutter is to be within 3 inches from the device it is connected too. When it is in bad mood it also messes with the Wi-Fi and recognition of the hardware kill switch.

But if I reset the OS recognition of the Wi-Fi by flipping the HKS to off, back on, toggle the Wi-Fi in settings on and off, and then the OS recognizes the HKS that’s when the bluetooth works well without stuttering at longer unobstructed distance of a few feet.

Looks like the very latest updates have really improved BT, I get pretty consistent connection and audio path establishment and practically no stuttering anymore.


I feel like recently it’s been better for me too. The real test will be my car but I’ve been without for so long I haven’t remembered to try it again.

I think that’s the complication with this as well. Everyone has different devices from different eras. My '06 Infiniti refuses to connect to my L5, so there seems to be a backward compatibility issue.

My (2009) car is the only device I haven’t managed to connect. The rest all work. Even a NudeMove L speaker that always gave me trouble on my Windows phone. So, I haven’really encountered a lot of backward incompatibility.
Problem is, you never know which device is gonna stutter or refuse to stream at all on which occassion.
But bluetooth has been improving. Specially the quick stutter.
And I haven’t tried it today. Maybe, i’s all good from now on…

Pity about the car though.

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