BM818 Modem Firmware version

On the gnome mobile settings page the modem firmware shows as follows:

MPSS.JO.2.0.2.c1.1-00032-9607_GENNS_PACK-1.1 Feb 25

The BM818 modem tool shows firmware:


I am just wondering if i have the newest firmware installed since 1.0.0 doesnt match the 2.0.2 .

I think you are already in contact with my colleagues. But that does not seem to be the latest version. Check the line above: M100E-1.0.0_190426 there should be a date there

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sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB3

sorry couldnt copy paste ATI output. and with


mmcli -L

then with output … /Modem/1…

mmcli --modem=1

I get:

modem: 0
firmware revision: MPSS.J0.2.0.2.c1.1-0032-9607_GENNS_PACK-1 1 [Feb 25 2019 01:00:00]

So is the firmware from Feb 2019 up to date?

ATI doesn’t show any useful information when it comes to firmware version. AT+BMSWVER tells more.

Hey Joao, i did contact support for an unrelated GPS issue. I just wanted to make sure it is not firmware related somehow, i have copied in the screenshots below. Could you confirm the firmware is up to date, based on the above it appears from Feb 2019?

no, this is not the most recent version.

Modem firmware is unrelated to the GPS as the Librem 5 does not use the modem GPS.