Brand New Librem 13v2 - Screen Flicker and Crashes - Please Help

I just got a new Librem 13 and there appears to be something wrong with it. the screen will flicker with horizontal lines across the screen but it gets especially bad when I try to watch a youtube video and then the screen will freeze slowly fade to black and shut down. also I can’t seem to download anything from the software section. I just got this laptop and I don’t know what to do. I know hoe to access the Terminal but I’m still pretty noob-ish when it comes to doing the more complicated things. please help.

If the Software app isn’t working, you should try opening a terminal and running
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

It wouldn’t hurt to reboot your computer after performing those commands.

Then, you will probably also want to look at this thread:

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Hi @Everlasting,

Have you tried the following fix?

EDIT: the following thread might help you as well

I’m currently running the upgrade but it’s not easy since the screen keeps freezing and going into what I guess I’d call "sleep mode’ since none of the programs stop running. it’s a 47% right now. I’ll give an update once it’s finished.

Running the upgrade help alot but there are still occasional lines. I’m going to try the Offical Troubleshoot that @thib suggested and see if that clears up the rest.

I change the grub to rc6=0 which helped and then to psr=0 which helped even more but I’m still getting occasional flickers and color fluctuations still a significant improvement from before but not completely fixed.

Then I’d suggest to contact Purism support, as this is mostly a community driven forum :slight_smile:

See the post below to properly contact Purism support (section Technical Support)


Do you still experience freezings?

Yes. it still freezes and then the screen will dim and have to restart the computer to get it to work again.